Thursday, February 28, 2013

**snow days**

This was last Tuesday morning. This is the car I drove to work Monday night, and returned at 4 in the morning. 
While I was on my way to work around thought was...well, I had lots of thoughts.

1. I don't enjoy this much snow while driving
2. I REALLY don't enjoy the semi trucks who for some reason feel as though the road is wide enough for the both of us when there is only one lane open on the interstate and everyone else is going 30 mph.
3. I really don't want to go in the ditch.
4. I really can't see the road that well.
5. I hope the snow plow goes so I can get home.
6. I hope I can at least make it to the Hesston exit...or better yet our road, and I could even run home.
.....ahhh, but here I made it!! In one piece...and I even made it to the driveway before I got stuck! 
Perhaps, someone with a truck or 4 x 4 vehicle that lives a bit closer to Wichita is better suited to go in next time the weather decides to be crazy like that. 

*Funny little side note: On my way home there was a station wagon that was ahead of me for a short bit. When it got off the exit ramp I noticed it had a big ol' snow plow connected to the front. Maybe that's a normal thing for places that get this amount of snow routinely...but it was a funny site to see to me.

Since Ben had his 4th snow day...we got to play in it almost all day Tuesday. It was the perfect packing snow. Christian was the one who started making a BIG snowball first. I couldn't believe that it was that simple....just keep pushing it and it'll grow!

So I made some make a snowmen family.
Notice the pool in the was the snow hauler that Ben used to clear the driveway.
He made a big mound of snow...that eventually became a sledding run.

I needed Ben to do the lifting of "his" head....that sucker was heavy!

Christian loved being out in the snow. I think the cutest thing he would do was randomly plop down, lay back, and start flapping his arms and legs to make a snow angel. 
He wouldn't announce it...and when he was laying back, he'd just stop, and lay there for a bit....then get up and admire his work.

Here's my snow family....I took it from inside the house. We had the baby monitor hooked up outside, and Noah woke up, so I had to stop playing and go inside :)

On top of the mound of was going to be a fort, or igloo, or make tunnels with it. But then we just made it so we could sled down it. 

This is Noah's version of a snow day....
staying inside on his cozy blanket, kicking his legs and flapping his arms....and drooling all over!

On Wednesday, Ben had to return to school after his 6 days off!! But when he came home, the mound of snow was still there and Christian still wanted to go down it. It was even faster than the day before because some of it had started to melt.

It is so fun to be able to play in the snow...and glad that Christian thinks so too. The likelihood of this amount of snow happening again in the following years is not so we better enjoy it while we can!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Noah [4 months]

Happy FOUR months, sweet baby!

This last month you have changed looks daily almost...not necessarily completely different each time..but just different aspects seem to vary. 
Your hair is now very light brown, and you have very long eyelashes.
Your eyes remain very blue..not quite as deep as they were.
You are packing on some rolls to the upper thighs still...and starting on some for your ankles and wrists, oh and maybe an extra chin too.
Some say you look like your brother...and somedays I agree..other days, not so much.

You are holding your head up much more easily.
You are not rolling over yet...I don't think you've even given it a thought. :)

You are a very good listener. You love to be talked to!
 I enjoy our visits...sometimes you have your own stories you share, other times you squeal and sing to me. You can go from serious to playful in a matter of seconds :) (However, you can also go from playful to seriously grouchy in a matter of seconds too!)

You are ticklish. Its so funny...your brother was never very ticklish...and you are the opposite.
I love when I "get you" on your belly or do your 'cough laugh' and make  big ol' smile.
You are becoming more cuddly...I'll give you big squeeze hugs and you burrow your head and smile so big. Little love bug you :)

You still LOVE your baths. We moved your tub to the bathtub instead of the sink. You can really get some waves going in that little tub of yours. You kick like crazy!

Another favorite spot of yours...the changing table. It usually brings instant gratification. I will often let you kick and sing for quite awhile on there. You really like bedtime when you get all your clothes off...ob boy, I think if we'd put a pedometer on could log some serious 'steps'. 
You also get excited about the fan (even when its stationary) and the lights in the ceiling. Who knew how exciting those could be?!

You love your big brother. If he slows down enough for you to watch love to follow what he's doing with your eyes. And every once and awhile when he tries to have a conversation with're very intent on what he has to share. He helps pull your ladybug in your bouncer seat for you, and will show you the various baby toys that you aren't able to hold yet by yourself.

Happy little guy. You eat about every 3-4 hours during the day. And you have been going about 5-7 hours in the late evening to middle of the night...and then back to 3-4 hours. So, you're not exactly sleeping through the night yet. You're getting better about the fussy/gassiness...but when it shows up,  boy does it show a fiesty side of you.

Your bottom two teeth are having a competition of who can break through first. Both of them have little bits of white peeking through your gums...but neither have come in all the way. I'm thinking this is the contributing factor for all your drool and bubbles. Your fist and my fingers are your favorite 'toy' to chew on. I've tried giving you teething toys..but apparently they are not as appealing.

"Peek-a- boo"
You usually smile at those three words.

I'm sure you have more to show us during this fourth month of your life...
it seems like the time just keeps going by so fast.
You are such a sweet little guy...and I love you so very much.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Birthday snow

We got our first REAL snow in about 3 years. It came down starting Wednesday, but really accumulated overnight, including thunder and lightning. All schools and alot of business's were closed on Thursday... and the snow continued through Thursday. 

Christian was so excited to wear his snow gear...."Oh thank you mommy for getting me these new pants!" (They were 2.50 at a garage sale..actually the coat, snow suit, and boots were all garage sale finds...and they have been put to good use now!)

He was ready to get outside and "shovel"....see his blue shovel. Yep, that should do it!

Trying to clear the driveway. Ben made it through alot of the cement portion...but the remainder that has gravel under it was still a good 10" high with snow.

He piled the snow up to the can kind of see the pile in the picture on the right below.

Later in the afternoon, Dad came over with the truck to pick us up so we could go sledding at their house. Without a truck, there wasn't a way to get through the roads. And I was supposed to work in Wichita at 7 pm. I called at 5 or so, and said they still hadn't plowed our road, so unless they had a way for me to get there, I couldn't make it.

The cousins, Brent, Ben, and Dad all went sledding...they used the 4 wheeler for awhile...and then hooked them up to the tractor. I came out for a little bit. I think all the kids would've stayed out as long as they were allowed!

 We all ate supper over there...and then Dad took us home. The cousins stayed overnight. They had already called for a snow day for Friday as well. After we got home they had came to plow our roads, so I called work to tell them I could make it. I ended up going in for about 3 hours. 

Friday morning, we went over to Mom & Dad's to pick up Christian...but stayed a little bit to go sledding  (and Ben cleared off their deck). It was SO pretty outside. There was no wind, and the snow made everything seem so peaceful and quiet and pure! I pulled Christian around on the sled...he loved it, he loved the icicles on the trees, he loved to eat the snow, he loved to lay in the snow....he just loved it!

And this birthday girl enjoyed the treat of all the beautiful snow..God knew what to send her for her birthday.

Everyone enjoyed an icicle...they taste so clean and refreshing!

A new way to cool off water...with an icicle stick. 

 Christian was all about eating his "snow cones"...and he shared an extra large one with Daddy.

Noah slept most of the time we were there, which was handy. 
He woke up so he good give Grandma some birthday love.

Saturday, we had brunch over at Brent & Alyssa's so celebrate Mom's birthday. It was a beautiful drive there....all the trees were coated in a thin layer of ice...and the sky was so clear.

Supposedly, there is more snow coming tonight and tomorrow. We shall see....this weather is totally opposite than the 65 degree weather we had last Sunday when Christian was outside dressed like this...

I'm just glad that either way, we get to enjoy the outdoors!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Water Fireworks

I like pinterest.
I like it for several of them is it gives me ideas for fun things to do with Christian I wouldn't have thought of on my own..and then I try them out.

He often will ask for a "project". 
So, today we made water fireworks. Water, oil, and food coloring. Doesn't get much easier than that.

I let him drop in the food coloring.

And then they just sat there...on top of the oil...for what seemed like quite awhile. Perhaps I added to much oil..I don't know.

Then, just as I was going to poke one of the drops with a toothpick....BOOM, a color explosion in the water. And it was pretty.

I had read to save the blue ones for last, because it makes the water really dark and it kind of puts an end to seeing much. Turns out...they are right about that.

So I dumped the top coat of oil into a mason jar to see if I could "recycle" my oil and do it again.
Sure enough it worked, I just added more water.

Anyways. That was our water fireworks.