Saturday, September 24, 2011

60th Birthday & 2nd Cousins

My uncle David shares the same birthday as Ben..October 1st.
David, Teresa, along with Kyle (my cousin) and his family were in Hesston, 
so we all went over to Mom and Dad's house for supper.
It is David's 60th birthday, so we off course had to celebrate appropriately (I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of the 60th decor that I put up!! You'll just have to trust was there!). 

Here's a quick snapshot of the cousins/second cousins (Ava was finishing up her bath!)
Isaac and Molly are too cute :) It was good to see them all...and an extra bonus to have a birthday to celebrate!

Birthday Boy...#27

Ben turns 27 on Oct 1. 
We celebrated with the family that could be here a little early on Sept 24. 
It ended up being a really nice day, so we ate our bbq chicken sandwiches outside.

The birthday boy pretending to blow out his candle!

An impressive sized tower built by Sam, Maddox, Diana, and Christian!

Grandma H. and Christian watching Ben open his presents.

Happy Birthday Ben. 
I love you.
I would say, I'll have a post of the pictures that he will take at the Chiefs/Vikings game..the birthday present I gave him...but he's not really into the whole idea of taking pictures as much as me :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

play outside...yes please

I love it when we can be outside to get fresh air, roam freely, and mostly PLAY!

Christian is getting more and more into his swing set.

He doesn't mind his make-shift sandbox that we rigged up for him. It's all the same right...sand, digging, and making a mess!

An evening at the park..he loves it!

Monkey see..monkey do.

Until he gets into a jam.

Ahh..I love playing outside with my boy!

Monday, September 12, 2011

the things he says

This little fella is just a talker. Pretty much anything you say he will repeat...and not necessarily right away, but at a random moment where you have no idea where it came from.
Here are a few of his more frequent sayings and doings...

oh no. car coming. be careful. (Says this at the nearest stop sign by our house, and also at random times)

mama up. MAMA play. Chr-shin help mama up. (pulling on my arm)

oh no. a fly. oh no. I smash it.

Fire truck. Chr-shin climb on fire truck. Ok.

I go Gma's house. Chr-shin go Gma's house. Ok. (if I say, no not right now...) Maybe later. Ok.

Sc-ool bus. Where sc-ool bus go? Ride it, ride the sc-ool bus.

Build tunnel. Mama, Daddy, build tunnel. 
(Out of blocks, legos, or whatever piece of furniture can be transformed...he loves tunnels.)

Wheel....round and round, round and round (and he hums the parts he doesn't know to The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round)

Sings songs on his own while playing: Deep and Wide, Jesus Loves Me, ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Happy Birthday to me.

Blow happy candles. Chr-shin blow happy candles, one time.

Jesse Bear. Mama read Jesse Bear.
(A book we got from the library. Recently, a favorite bedtime book. I didn't read any bedtime books on this particular night since he was super tired..and he said "Jesse Bear" through his pacifier, but I still laid him down. He fell asleep, and an hour later woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep, I went in and of course he was still saying "Mama read Jesse Bear. Mama rock, read Jesse Bear."....we read Jesse Bear :)

"Where ____ go?" Often this blank is filled in with Carissa or Mitchell. Not sure why he only wants to check up on them, but he must think they leave often.

Kade shoes on.
(He recently got a pair of sandals that are the same style and color as Kade's.) His first response to the new shoes, were "Kade's shoes". After explaning that they were his, he said, "a Kade's shoes... a-Chr-shin shoes on."

No like it. (OR) Like it. -BOTH mean he DOES NOT like whatever it is that he is talking about!

I draw colors. (crayons) I draw sidewalk. I draw chalk. Ok. (sidewalk chalk)

On a daily basis, he will make the stuff animals talk. However, his side of the conversation is only "HI!" and then he promptly hands the animal to Ben or I and expects us to keep the conversation going while he brings in other animals to participate. This could go on for a LONG time! In a pinch, I've used his fruit snack characters, my fingers, a napkin...whatever works..he thinks they are "real" if you make them talk in a different voice.

racaroni and cheese (macaroni & cheese), ca-cheese (cottage cheese), case-de-a (quesadilla), applesauce. (All are pretty standard favorite meal time foods that he will request for..and generally speaking he does not like to try anything outside this small list...unless at least one of these is present. Ben is in disbelief that his son is a picky eater)

no way Jose. (yep, he says it)

Mama machine. Only mama touch it. Might be ouchy. (in regards to my sewing machine)

The other day when we were on a bike ride he was going on and on about scissors and how "scissors, might be ouchy. Only mommy or daddy, scissors. Might be ouchy." Not sure what he saw that reminded him of this, but he talked about it almost the whole bike ride.

Usually he wakes up talking in the morning. I go in there after a little bit. This particular morning, he was talking and then he said, "Daddy, WAKE UP!, Daddy. Daddy, WAKE UP!" Ben was already at work for the day, so I got up and walked into the bathroom first, right outside his room. Then he said, "a-potty. Daddy go potty." I walked in his room, he smiles, and says, "a-Daddy? Where Daddy go?" He usually asks this in the morning anyway, and one time he made a pathetic face, when I said he was at work. He said, "nooo, daddy no work."

He can open the front door on his own. I had gone to change clothes one morning, and he was playing in the living room. I then heard the door bell ring....little Mr Christian was outside ringing it!

Today I had the front door open, with the window door closed. While I stepped outside from the back door, he must've opened the door. I came back in and was looking for him, and then went out the front door. He had gone out, turned on the hose and started watering the plants. He said, "chri-shin water plants" (in the proudest tone).

He's pretty much a happy guy if he can be outside with some sticks and the dirt...while he sings to himself.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Good Buddies {Christian & Owen}

Christian (2 yr 1 month) and Owen (2 yr 0 month)

They are a month apart in age, they both have brown hair and brown eyes (although Owen's are darker), they are pretty much the same height, they wear some of the same clothes, they sound alot alike when they talk, they have similar behaviors, they are both picky eaters, and they have been asked if they are related on more than one occasion.

So, they are friends.

Isaac and Melissa (Owen's parents) went to HC while I was there. They moved to town last January, when Isaac accepted the youth/young adult pastor role at our church. We're pretty glad they are here..not only is nice to have a little boy that Christian really likes to play with..but it has been fun getting to know Isaac and Melissa as well!

I am very grateful that Melissa watches Christian on somewhat of a frequent basis when I go to work. And this evening we were able to watch Owen while they had a MYF event. 

Here are a few of the pictures of the two of them...

(One would lick the frosting, then the other would. One would take a drink, then the other would. There was a LOT of mirror actions going on!)

(The fun game they both played...put the water in your mouth and then spit it out.)

A somewhat "competitive" round of football...
it started out something like this..

and needed to end following the aftermath of something like this...

So then we took a wagon ride.
It started out like this...

and quickly became this...
the entire rest of the walk!

Oh are two of a kind.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The crew

the. cousin. crew.

Scenes from the summer

Here's a few pictures as a recap of our summer in Kansas...

It was a hot one. Plain and simple.
I really don't mind the heat, but even for me it was a bit much. In addition, there was really no rain, which seems crazy considering all the states that had flooding in other portions of the US. Nothing really grew in our garden, except weeds and our jalapenos, and a few bite size tomatos that I was able to make one batch of fresh salsa with.

*As much as Christian wanted to play outside, it just was really too hot somedays. So we brought his outdoor sand/water table inside...
filled it with dry beans...and an assortment of toys and kitchen utensils.

*I got a rubbermaid container with a lid for water balls from the Dollar Store for his "water table".
They are really cool..and they never dry up. Christian is a BIG fan of these!

*Thank goodness for Gaedderts sweet corn...YUMMY!

*The peaches from whatever state they came from were super good..especially when Mom makes them in to fresh peach pie...oooooh YUM. And this little sneak started eating my piece while we were outside watching the only storm of the season come in! I couldn't blame him for diving in..afterall it was SO GOOD!

 *Carissa taking the kids on an adventure, she is the best at going on adventures!

*We only had to mow two times total..and that was to maintain the weed growth.

*This goofy guy would not take this hat off his head at Grandma's never know what he might find and get his mind set on.

*While Carissa was home the girls decided to play dress up in past prom and bridesmaids dresses. This was quite the dress up day..because next we got out our 3 wedding dresses and put them on too!

*Our oven decided it wanted to participate in the heat, and not turn off when it was turned to the off position. Not exactly ideal at any time. So, we bought a new oven..and Christian had fun making a "house" out of the box it came in.

*One of the mega cracks in the ground...yikes.

*Swimming and popsicles were a standard part of alot of our days. Christian became quite the little swimmer with the use of water wings. It is crazy to think that he didn't even like to get in the water the first time in this year. We are very thankful that Mom and Dad have a pool just down the road!

As much as we may want to complain about the heat and lack of rain...I often thought of the others in the world who really are deeply suffering from the heat, lack of rain, and lack of food. We maybe had a rough summer, and I'm not too said to see it go...but we are very thankful that we have homes to keep us cool, fresh water to drink, and more than enough food to eat.

As of September 1st, I am officially ready for fall to come!