Monday, November 26, 2012

Noah [one month]

Noah you are already one month old today!!
It's amazing how fast you have grown.
You started at 6 lb 6 oz...and are now 9 lb 3 oz.
You have grown out of many of your newborn outfits (not quite all), and are almost big enough for your 0-3 month clothes.

[3 weeks old]

You are wearing mostly size 1 diapers (mostly...every now and then we find a NB size and it still works!)
You are eating every 2-3 hours...very occasionally you have gone closer to 4 hours (one of those times during the night!!)
You sleep in your crib in your room..which is about 5 steps away from my side of the bed in our room.
When you are are really calm. When you are let the whole house know it, and it can happen REAL fast! Thankfully, 98% of the time you are really calm.
You love your bath time, it makes you wake up for a quite some we generally do this in the evening.

[4 weeks old]

You are awake almost everyday around 9:30-10 for about an hour (you are other times throughout the day, that's just the most consistent time right now).
You love to be held..and we LOVE to hold you!
You pee almost every time you get your diaper changed...not too worry, I have my method down that does not require an unnecessary outfit change or 2 new diapers.
I can't figure out who you look definitely have different eyes and various features than your brother..I guess you are just you!!

[3 weeks old]

We love you so much Noah..
you have made a perfect addition to our family!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012


We have so much to be thankful for...we are truly blessed, and I am SO very grateful.

We started out trying to take a family picture. This is one...there were many good ones (perhaps on a future Christmas card!) It was pretty windy, but warm.

Then we went to Brent & Alyssa's house to enjoy the feast! Alyssa made ALOT of really good food. 

The weather was ridiculously in the 70's and NO wind! I'm not really just was hard to believe it was felt more like Memorial Day. So the kids, both small and big (after watching football) enjoyed the afternoon outdoors.

Noah's first Thanksgiving...he spent a large portion of it like this!

They entertained themselves outside with various activities...they made up there own treasure hunt. Ava was reading the "treasure" to Christian.

Kade with Gingerbread Fred and Christian enjoying their dessert outside. 

Then we played some football...this was amusing!

The wind picked up, and it cooled off quite a bit. We went in for MORE food...and then called it a day!
Very thankful for our families...we didn't attempt to do two Thanksgiving celebrations in one day..but we're thankful for the Hershberger family as well!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kade [SIX years old]

Kade turned six...and he had a beach themed was awesome.

We had homemade pizza, chips, and applesauce for supper (yum!)..and then got out the cake.
He's such a nut. A very funny nut...whom I love!
And Christian is a big time fan of Kade. (side note: He may think about Kade a little too much. There has been several nights now where he wakes us up with his talking..and when we go and check on him, he is talking about Kade..but he's still half asleep!)

I love this smile..its just so him!

Then on to presents..
and Brent and Noah called it an evening in this position..they were real party animals.

Friday, November 9, 2012


Christian is quite the big brother. 

At first, Christian didn't really want much to do with Noah...just not interested. Since, day by day he has become much more familiar and comfortable with the idea that his baby brother is really part of our family!

During the first several days, he would just look at him when we were holding him at random times and say, "oooh, poor you." (in the most sincere voice)

He is a big helper when it comes to changing a diaper. He RUNS to Noah's room to get a diaper, and gets quite emphatic "I think Noah pooped, I better go get a diaper!"

In the morning, he will come to our room to say good morning. Then say, "where's Noah?" "Oh good morning Noah." If Noah is sleeping he will peek over at him, and say, "Noah, its morning time, wake up. Its not good night time, its wake up time!"

He doesn't seem to bothered by his crying. 
During the day if he's crying, he'll look at him and say one of several things, "I think he's hungry"...."Ohhh, it's alright Noah, we're right here...we didn't leave you"...."You're alright Noah. It's're're okay Noah"...."No-ey...poor No-ey (I have no idea where he came up with this "nickname"...believe me I've tried correcting him!!)
At night..Christian has yet to wake up from hearing his baby brother crying..and it's not that it isn't happening :) We're quite thankful he has that sound tuned out! When Carissa asked Christian if he hears Noah at night, his response was so matter-a-fact, "he sleeps at night, it is night time." Of course he does!

Usually several times a day, he will randomly ask if he can hold Noah. It lasts for about 3 seconds and then he's done...unless it is around his bedtime, then for some reason he thinks he needs to hold him for quite awhile. I think he has found yet another way to procrastinate going to bed!

Christian you make a wonderful big brother...
Noah, I'm sure you will have MUCH to learn in the months and years to come!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

You seem so BIG!

It seems like you grew up overnight!

You now seem so much heavier physically...even though you are still only 29 lbs.

Its not surprise that you like to talk, but your vocabulary is becoming much more adult-like everyday. We are very aware of how we sound, because you repeat almost EVERYTHING we say at some point.

For several days after Noah was born, you were in opposite mode in a big way! You were contradicting EVERYTHING. Luckily, it has since been more of a rarity that you do this.

You like to know why things happen the way they do...or what happens if you do any given action...the question we OFTEN hear these days is, "Well...what will happen? But, what will happen?"

You are very keen on details...whether it be to direction and where we are going in the car, or brand names of items, or a new song on the radio, or a conversation someone THOUGHT they were having only through the phone. You don't really let anything slide. If your ears are anywhere around..consider it to be known to you!

You have started sounding out words on your own. "Ball, makes the ba sound??" Is this normal...probably so, but it makes me feel like you are getting so big, so FAST!

Here are a list of your phrases:
"Well, actually...."
"These trains are making me so nervous (or "frus-traa-ted")." (if they aren't hooking up just the way you want them to)
"Ask me _____." (You map out how a conversation should go and tell us what to ask you sometimes.)
"I dooo de-clare!!" (said just like a southerner!)
"Ya don't say?!?" followed by "I most certainly DO say!" (you are truly a goofball when you say this)
"I need three ____ because I am three years old." (and always after say, "just ONE more.")
"meu-gix" = music
"hobstible" = hospital 
"con-struck-quen" = construction

You always take a shower with Daddy in the evening, then come to find me with your towel on. Lately, I've been feeding Noah when you do you climb up on my lap with him and try and snuggle with us. We read roughly 3 books before bed (if you have it your way...we read as many as you can get out of us!) Daddy usually tucks you in at night...and you "give some sugar" (hug and kiss) before you lay down. 

You have become QUITE the listener of stories. The best story-teller is Grandpa! This was the beginning of MANY stories since. It is hilarious to watch. You ask, "then what happened next?" at very appropriate times...but VERY often! And whoever tells you a story, better make it true...because you don't forget what its about!! 

You are entertaining to watch play. 
You love to hook things up, and if it doesn't have a find a string and somehow make it work!
Your favorite things to play with lately are; blocks, trains/train tracks, cars (especially the Disney Cars characters), playing catch with a ball, and in the dirt outside when its still nice outside!
You LOVE to be read to...your Daddy reads Green Eggs & Ham to you almost everyday, except its in Spanish...and you definitely know how the book goes. It is quite comical to hear you recite it. "No me guste Juan Ramon!"

Oh Christian...since when are you not my little baby??!!? 
You will always be my my heart :)
But lately, I've realized how big and grown up you are. You daily amaze me...I love you.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

One week old

Its hard to believe you are one week old already. 
You weighed 6# 4 oz on Friday, you were a little under 6# when we left the hospital.
Your newborn clothes are still too big for you, and you still enjoy curling up your little legs. 
You are eating pretty much every 2-2 1/2 hours around the clock, maybe even more often than that at night. Thankfully, you are a good eater though!
You don't fuss too much..and have just a little baby cry...except when we change your diaper, than you really go all out and hold your breath.
You've gone on your first outing, to the wildlife park near Wichita...and to Freddy's of course!
You like your baths, and you love to be held.
We love you little Noah!

[2 days old]

[7 days old] @ Tanganyika Wildlife Park

[8 days old]

[9 days old]
Your big brother thought it was pretty special to make a heart shaped track..and stick you inside.
I think he doesn't mind playing trains with you don't really seem to bother them too much.


This was Noah's first Sunday to church...he did good. 
Today is also the anniversary of my Grandma's 7th birthday into Heaven.
So Noah was wrapped in the blanket that she had made.
I'm certain she would think he's precious...and it makes me happy to know this.
 I wish she could have met all three of the boys I love and call my family.
I miss you Grandma.

Friday, November 2, 2012


At the end of last school year, Ben had gotten a coupon for a family admission to Tanganyika. 
He's been wanting to use it, and I thought during this week he got off for Noah's birth we should go. 

We ate at Freddy's first (Noah's first time!), and then we went to find some animals.
It was crazy warm and windy for being Nov 2nd..I think it got to 83 degrees.

The kangaroos were Christian's favorite. They were pretty lazy and many of them had joeys in their pouch.

They touched all the animals we saw.

And he maybe even kissed this rabbit...oh boy.

These lemurs were not my favorite...they were overly friendly for my liking. There were a couple on my head shortly before this picture. 

The lorikeets were pretty, but they were also smart. If you didn't have food, they didn't want anything to do with you. Christian was trying to let them land on his finger.

Then a man that was really excited about being there held out Christian's arm. He had been giving the birds they thought he had more.

Noah's one week old!

Back to the kangaroos before we left...Christian loved them!!! And the joey was napping.

After we got to the car, Noah was Ben and Christian went back in and got to feed the giraffes! That was a HUGE highlight for the both of them :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm in love...again

I wondered how you can feel the same amount of love for a baby the second just seems like that feeling could only come once. happens again. I am very in love with this little guy, he's just so sweet and cuddly, and just so lovable! 

[5 days old]

Noah...Mama loves you...VERY much!