Monday, May 30, 2016

Signs of Summer

Our peonies are finishing the last of their blooms...

My bike riders are getting faster and faster...

I have my "list" and the help is starting to tackle one of the projects (the deck redo)...

Toads are easy to find...

Cousins are fun to hang out without a bedtime in mind...

A whole gang of people cram into Mitch's jeep to take a spin around BAMAK ranch...

We stay up late, watching a Inside Out outdoors...

 Tank tops and shorts are ok most anyday...

Beautiful flowers are growing...

The arboretum pond is full of greedy turtles and ducks...

....all signs it must be summer.
We're ready for you summer, don't try and fly by too fast...we need to make the most of you!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Eight years

Eight years ago we said "I do"...
we committed to love each other forever,
to help each other grow,
to keep Christ in the center of our marriage....
and much more.

Couldn't be happier with this gift I've been given. 
Eight years has gone by SO fast!

I love you, Ben! Happy Anniversary to us :)
Mom and Dad watched the boys, and we took the day to just do adult, eat, shop, eat, rent a movie and relax in a quiet house!

Friday, May 20, 2016

End of the first year

After February was over, it seems like the rest of the school year went super fast. It's bittersweet that my little boy is already done with kindergarten. He has truly learned and grown in so many ways. I can't believe he knows how to read, write, count and so many more things!

He had such a great teacher, Mrs Lehman...such a good teacher. Mitch had her as his kindergarten teacher..and she still remembered him quite well. In high school, I was her student aide...and I really enjoyed her then too.
She was very kind to Christian this year, very encouraging and always had such positive feedback. 

For the end of the year field trip, she takes her class to her farm. I got to come along as a helper. What a great time! We had a pizza picnic, hay loft jumping, pasture exploring, four wheeler rides, horse rides, and basketball. Christian REALLY enjoyed the horse ride.

Mrs. Lehman's class (she is in red in the middle back). Christian is in the middle front.

 At the end of the year, the elementary school has field day, which I also got to help with in the afternoon. It makes it all the more sweet to help when Christian is very expressive with how glad he is that I'm there.

During the last week of school, I brought Noah and Jonah into Ben's Spanish class. He had asked me to come sometime this year, and we just never arranged we HAD to fit it in before the year was over! Part of his class stayed later to hang out with us :)

Ben has had a good first year, he enjoys Hesston...both other staff and students. It is so nice to have him close and glad Christian can spend a little bit of time with him after school as they come home together.

 Last day of Kindergarten/
Last day of 1st year at HHS

Jonah has loved watching the bus come and go in the morning when Christian gets on it. 
"Bye-bye busssss!"

I'm proud of both Ben and Christian as they finish the year. Ben keeps a positive attitude about work, and right now in the fantastic state of KS with the way education is...that isn't maybe the easiest thing to do. I respect his choice to be a teacher, not only to teach, but to be a role model and a positive influence.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mitch #30

Oh little Mitch...turned 30 years old!
He wanted to celebrate with friends and family by going to a Royals game.
We had shirts made for the special occasion....and it was a special day indeed.

We met up with everyone before the game. There was games, and plenty of food for all! Noah and Christian took full advantage of the sweets available.

Despite the score (Royals lost), its safe to say all had a good time. Christian and Noah were very entertained with the friends...and especially the fact that they bought them COTTON CANDY! Christian had seen it at the beginning of the game...and it wasn't until the final innings that the cotton candy man came around to us...Bret was the kind, generous soul that bought it for them. Such a nice bedtime snack :)

 Jonah hung in there until the very end! The game ended around 9 or so...he was out on the way back to the hotel.

Happiest of birthday's Mitch!
Welcome to the 30's...I hope they treat you well :)

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day [2016]

Mother's Day..
a very special day to feel totally blessed I get to be a mama to three little boys, and to be thankful for my own mom and all that she does!

We went to church at Whitestone with Mom and Dad, and Mitchell too.
Then, Mitch offered to host us all at his house for lunch. He made ribs and salmon on the smoker...very good. He also made a baked macaroni and cheese and rolls, Ben brought a salad, and Mom brought dessert.
It was a rainy day..very rainy. But for a little bit it was nice enough to go outside and take a couple pictures.

This little guy...he came with us right after church, and the other two had gone with Mom and Dad. 
So he got his picture taken in his fancy duds.

 Oh my boys. I love them so.

I love my mama.

They were both wearing orange checkered was necessary to take their picture :)

In the afternoon, Ben's parents came over. They were in town to celebrate with the Hershbergers..but we didn't make it to that one this year. We had a nice visit with them.

I had been treated very special all week, by Ben especially...he bought me several of my favorite kind of drink from Lincoln Perk, he got me a new jacket, and a new shrub plant, and some wireless headphones that sync to my phone. I also got some VERY special cards made by the boys..hearing them make them, was equally as special as the cards themselves. They had told me I had to stay in my room while they made them, and Christian was writing out Noah's for him. So he would say, "What do you like that mama does with you?? Do you like when she hugs you? Reads to you?" 
Christian had brought home a flower from school for me, and Noah gave me one from Sunday School...
so I'd say on ALL kinds of levels, I feel very blessed, loved, and spoiled.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Mama and Boys day out

Christian didn't have school today, and Ben had an inservice day. So I took the boys to Wichita for a fun day out. We stopped to get Freddy's and took it to a park. It was windy and warm. We played a little bit, before heading to the Exploration Place.

Christian and Noah both insist on pushing the stroller.

Exploration Place

Ahhh....the was WINDY!!!!

We ended our outing by going to the park near the Exploration Place. 

 Noah was saying "I'm so brave!" just growing SO so much! He looks super long hanging from this bar!

 It was a full day of playing...a small taste of summer.