Friday, April 6, 2018

Isaac [14-15 months]

Our little baby is well into toddlerhood, everyday he gains independence.
He has a look in his eye when he's going to be ornery, and a sweet little face when he wants to give love. I love to see his personality come out a little more each day.
He seems to have plateaued somewhat on his growing curve. His weight hasn't changed much for months, although he seems to be growing taller. He is wearing 18-24 month clothes, and his feet are bigger than the other boys..I think they're size 6.

His days of being nursed to sleep are on their final count. It is a bit bittersweet, look how precious he is. He drinks almond milk now (like Noah and Jonah, his tummy did not do well with regular milk). I won't complain when he sleeps through the night, that moment won't maybe be so bittersweet. I suppose the fact that he has been pooping on the toilet on a semi-regular basis should counter the lack of sleeping through the night. So crazy that he does this!

 He recently discovered how to put on other people shoes..he wasn't able to completely do this by himself, but he was SO proud to have them on! 

He gives the sweetest open-mouthed kisses, which he prefers to give on the mouth! When we say its time for bed, he will wave goodnight/goodbye and reach over to give his brothers and Daddy a kiss. If we are leaving someone's house or church, etc..and say its time to go, say goodbye...he will do the same thing. Very generous with the kisses (to most people)!

He still has very blue eyes, and his hair is mostly dark blonde and strawberry blonde depending on the light. He has been busy busy busy with those teeth. His molars all came through, and his upper eye teeth are now coming in. Poor guy! He has been extra needy/wanting to be held for a bit, I'm sure those teeth are not feeling great!

He is loved very much! His older brothers do a good job of looking out for him. As he becomes more and more independent, that also means he grabs their things...and he KNOWS he has something they want! He has learned how to throw a fit (yikes!), and can run those little legs fast if he's trying to hang on to something for dear life! When he's just walking around, he will often just have something in his can be a toy, a food item, a random kitchen item, it doesn't really matter.

He is finding more and more that he can get into...trash cans, drawers, cupboards with bowls that can be easily dispersed throughout the house, the piano, the game cabinet, closets. And he can also reach the door knobs now, thankfully he hasn't figured out how to turn them yet. He is also figuring out how to climb up onto furniture. I must say, he isn't as crazy of a climber as Jonah was, and he is good about turning around in order to climb back down.  

His crazy uncle Mitch used the filter to make him look like a scruffy, biker boy. He thought it was hilarious to see himself in his phone..this picture makes me laugh!

He remains a happy-go-lucky boy, who just doddles alot! He says a few words; ba (ball), daddy (on occasion), ba-ba (that one is sometimes for brother and it sounds very close to what he says for baby). Those are the most recognized, but he says, "dah" ALOT, and "eh" quite a bit as well. I know he knows who all of us are...but he hasn't felt the need to say our names (other than Daddy, and he maybe has said mama once). 

Sunday, April 1, 2018


We enjoyed a bit an Easter egg hunt outside while the weather was still acting like it wants to be spring.

In the afternoon, we went over to Mom and Dad's to dye Easter eggs..while Ben and Isaac watched some of the NCAA basketball games. 

Easter morning, we woke up to snow. Its becoming more common to have snow on Easter than it is on Christmas. Silly silly weather. We went to Mom and Dad's church in McPherson, followed by the noon meal at their house. These boys sure cleaned up...pretty happy I get to be surrounded by such handsome men.

After a delicious ham dinner, we had an indoor Easter egg hunt...for children young and old. 

The older the boys get, the more and more they can verbalize their thoughts on why we celebrate Easter. It is one of the most amazing parts of being a parent, seeing them grow physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. So neat. And the other part of that, is in turn how much they make me grow; physically...haha, well...4 pregnancies did help in that area...emotionally, mentally (those buggers are smart!), and the most pleasant surprise spiritually (their innocent questions really make me look at what I believe in a good way).

We had a good Easter. Always glad we get to celebrate openly and freely the death and LIFE of Christ! He is ALIVE!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

March Moments

March moments....

2nd graders had to choose a famous American to research and then dress up as for a special live museum type presentation that we could go to.
Christian was Theadore Roosevelt. He did so well, it was all very interesting and educational!

 We've had a couple teaser "spring-like" days/evenings. Enjoying them as the come!

Jonah the ninja-bath baby. He is far from a baby. This child is growing! I look at his face and I can see him as a big big sweet little Jonah is growing up!

When they play outside, they can often entertain themselves for QUITE sometime. I'm enjoying these days that they are home together, and they play nice. I know it will not always be like this...but it is sweet while it lasts.

Isaac loves his Papa. He will say "papapapa" but I feel as though that covers a wide range of things. We'll say, it's for Papa as well though!

Ben finished and put up the measuring board I wanted. He used an old fence board from someone in town...I really like how it turned out. Now we can keep track of how big these fast growing boys are getting!!!

Noah got new glasses x 2 (his first pair lasted all of 20 minutes before breaking!). He is also learning how to play checkers, chess, Mastermind, and remains a plethora of knowledge around the topic of space/planets.

He got a loom kit for Christmas, and he's got it mastered. If you ever need a bracelet..he's your guy. 

Lastly, but not baby is certainly not a baby-baby anymore. He is just as active as can be, with a growing personality. Its so fun to watch them in this toddling, jabbering age. I just want some of the moments to freeze a little longer. 


Friday, March 30, 2018

Good Friday

The boys had off from school for Good Friday, so we went to Tanganyika...complete with a picnic lunch. I like this zoo because its very hands on, and its not too big so that you can walk around the whole thing and its about the right amount of time spent!

This little stinker, he fell asleep LATE in the afternoon and wouldn't wake up. So, his bedtime was a bit delayed. He stayed up and helped me make some Easter sugar cookies...he is usually the one that likes helping in the kitchen anyway! 


Friday, March 23, 2018

The Picture Fiasco

I will begin this by saying...
this got long, and its a rant..and the bottom line is the boys' pictures turned out (some better than others) and do NOT go to JCPenney portrait studio for pleasant customer service. 

During the week of spring break, I thought I'd get the boys' picture taken..I take them to JCPenney's portrait studio for the cheap 3.99/sheet pictures, and its usually decent enough that I call it a win. It used to be even better when my favorite lady was working, who was so nice and knew just how to make them smile. Double win. favorite lady doesn't work their anymore. Instead, the new crew includes a new manager, which just so happened to be the one who took our pictures. We arrived approximately 5 minutes late. Another person was finishing up their session/order, and no one else was there. I promptly started getting the rest of Isaac's outfit on (because I have learned not to dress him entirely in the outfit I'm wanting pictures in, as 45 minutes in the car is PLENTY long enough to mess up an outfit!) The lady behind the counter makes some kind of comment (there was a fan blowing by the desk, and I wasn't too focused on her...rather on my squirming 1 year old that I was getting dressed) about "I see we're running a little behind, and it looks like you're not ready yet. Let me know when you are".....and then I stopped listening because she was rattling something off. So after she stopped her nonsense, I said, "Are you talking to me?" (not rude, but truly I thought if she was still talking to me, she could probably come around from behind the desk and talk to me as I was clearly busy)
She says, "You REALLY can't hear me."
So I stop what I'm doing. Stand up, walk over to where she is, and say, "I'm sorry, no I can't. There is a fan blowing in this direction, and I was trying to finish getting him dressed. Is there something you needed me for?"
"Oh, well let me come around here then I GUESS."
She goes on to say about backgrounds, etc, reminding me that I was not on time, and I should tell her when I'm ready. (Nothing like starting off feeling like a major inconvienence).

She had the boys line up, and I know how Isaac works (as most 15 months olds set them down, they're going to take off!). She tells me to put him down..and then says to get his attention and make him smile. So I do...and am doing what I know to do. He's not fussy, but he's not exactly stopping to strike a pose for her either, and she is making no efforts to get his attention. The other boys are doing perfect. She says, "If you must try and steal his attention, at least do so directly behind me so he looks at me and not you." (oh my, I get it, I really do...but that is not what you just told me to do. So I don't say a word, and I move behind her.) Next she says to Noah, "Oh, these glasses, I just can't see his eyes at all, I don't know what to do with this. Does he REALLY need to wear them? Can we just take them off for the pictures?"
I nearly lost it. Are. YOU. SERIOUS...are you serious? You can't be serious.
I simply say, "Yes, he needs those to see. He will not be taking them off."
So she proceeds to have him put his head down so far he looks he's trying not to have them fall off his face.
FORTUNATELY, at this time Ben arrived. I had told him to meet me here after he finished up a job that he was doing in Wichita, just "in case" I needed help to get them to smile. Well...needless to say nearly all of these pictures below happened after he arrived, he is exceptionally gifted at being a photographer assistant. I am so glad he showed up, as I was one comment away from just saying, never mind lady..I don't think we need these pictures this bad, I'll do them myself.

 Jonah, hands down surprised me the most. He did so good. 

She never did stop about his glasses. It was so irritating.

So the fun didn't stop here. She gave the ridiculously long sales pitch about all the options...and I always just say, I just want a couple prints, nothing else. Finally, we get everything squared away, I pay for it, she circles the date that they will be ready and says, "Oh that's good, they'll be here in time for Easter. You can pick them up after 3 on 3/30." Great...fantastic..I just want the pictures and you can save the SUPER flaky sales pitch voice and rude comments for someone else.

Fast forward. On Good Friday 3/30, we make a trip to Tanganyika for a fun outing. Afterwards, we time it so we can drive to the opposite side of town to pick up these said pictures, as it was after 3 on 3/30. I go up to the counter, and yours truly was working. I say my name, etc....she looks, she looks some more, asks if it could be under another name, etc. Well, lets look to see when they're supposed to be in. I told her, "Well on the receipt you gave you circle 3/30, and made the comment about it being in time for Easter." She does her little computer look up, and prints off something, starts circling the paper and looks at me. "Okay, they're not due to come in until 4/6. Are you sure that's what the receipt says? Yeah, because they're not even supposed to come in until 4/6, I'm not sure why I would've said today." Pause. 
"I don't know why either, but that's what the receipt said."
Of course she asked if I had it with me, and I didn't. 
"Well I tell ya what (in that same flaky, condescending voice), I tell ya what I'll do, I'll give you the digital print release so you can print off the pictures you were wanting for Easter."
So I say, ok and thanks. And before I go, she says, "Yeah, you're going to want to look at that receipt, you'll want to check that date when you get home. But here I circled it for you here so you'll know when to come back."
(My body is internally screaming.) I just turned and left.
Got home....and sure enough that receipt had 3/30 on the top circled and everything, just like I said. 
I went on 4/6 by golly...and my dearest favorite employee wasn't working. Her co-worker was, and although I'm sure she didn't care whatsoever, I said how VERY frustrating it had been. She gave me the 4 'extra' prints that they usually try and charge WAY too much for for free. 
Needless to say, YES I got some cute pictures...but Lord have mercy, I will NOT be going to that JCP (while she is working anyway!!).

Told you it was long.

Spring Break [ last day ]

This week was spring break for both Christian and Noah. We kept it pretty low key and didn't have too many expectations. Other than going to Topeka for a day, we stayed home. We decided to do one "fun day", and went to Wichita. The weather was cool and windy, so we decided to stay indoors...rather than going to the zoo or something. 

I must say..this is the second part to our day..the first part is worthy of a separate post all together. Two words: Picture Fiasco.

Moving on, we decided to go to Exploration Place, the theme right now is Rescue which the boys really like. Climbed this area, had various fire rescue type things, a mock jet ski rescue, they also played the castle area, and the airplane area that has been revamped from last year. 

During this picture of Noah checking out the food chain of deep sea animals....
Christian was building with the Keva planks (there's hundreds and hundreds, and he loves them!), Ben and Jonah were checking out the area near-ish but not within eyesight of this, and I was pushing Isaac in the stroller. Noah says right after I snapped this, my tummy doesn't feel well...I asked if we needed to go to the So about five seconds later, he pauses, looks up at me and says, "I have to go poop right now! So I am all but literally running full force with Noah while pushing Isaac to the bathroom, we make it in time...and as I'm waiting for him, he proceeds to loudly explain that "boys just take a longer time to poop, that's just how it is!" He was just finishing, and the fire alarm goes off. Meanwhile, I had no idea where the other 3 of our family were...and there were plenty of other people that had the same idea to visit today. Thankfully, when we were walking out of the bathroom, it just so happened that Ben, Jonah AND Christian were all together and walking towards the exit and were just getting ready to pass by us. It all worked out. The boys didn't seem to be bothered by the fire alarm, except Christian who kept getting his shoes stepped on. We headed home after needing to exit the building anyway. 

Jonah could not hang a second longer when we got home.