Thursday, June 28, 2018

Jonah [ 3.5+ years ]

Jonah, you are at that age that I would like to be able to record your conversations 80% of the time. You can be SO funny...definitely, an unintentional funny. The ironic part don't let anyone else see this side of you, other than a hand-full (at best!) of people.

You are very VERY introverted/shy. You turn your head away if people, even people you somewhat know, talk to you OR you act as if you are instantly sleeping (by rolling your eyes back, and dropping your head to the side in a quick "dead like a possum kind of way"). It may or may not be a bit embarrassing, BUT, we cannot force you to be outgoing or friendly or talk to anyone in this is what happens for now. For Sunday School, you go....but Daddy is in the room the entire time, and you are getting to the point where you WANT to join in, but then back out and sit there. It'll come, I just know it. It's not worth pushing you because you have proved that you will hold your ground all the more if we try and make something happen.

You have personality for DAYS! Mercy sakes, you have some very dramatic ways for being such a 'shy' individual. If you don't like something we ask of you, especially a compromise, (example: I'm not going to give you your leche if you're going to throw it out of your bed when your done.) and yet you REALLY want whatever it is, you will give a very thorough eye roll and say, "fiiiiiiiine."
If you get your feelings hurt it is just terrrrrible! You will cry very very sorrowful and come wailing, "Christian hurt my feel-wings! Christian won't let me in his room, he hurt my feel-wings!!" And often, I just need to say, "REALLY?" or "Does that make you sad?", followed by a "I better go talk to him (or whoever the offender is)." And that usually calms those tears down pretty much immediately. You do NOT like to be the center of attention (goes along with being shy), but its a dramatic if FaceTime is on and you might be in the screen type avoidance. You can be quick to "fight" but are also quick to forgive. It amazes me, how sometimes if you have a toy taken from you, you are up and ready to rumble (and how you know the wrestling moves that you do is beyond me!). BUT, when its all said and done, you will get up on your feet and say "I'm sorry, with a long drawn out hug...followed by an I wuve (love) you." This melts my heart every time. And your sincere side is just about the sweetest. I have not seen you show this anywhere else but home. If one of us gets hurt, you are very quick to say, "are you okay?" (while rubbing an arm, leg, head, etc). If its real bad, you RUN to get your blanket, and cover the wound/hurt spot with your blanket (informing the person that you brought them your blanket!) or you'll run to the freezer and grab the "ice truck" with no prompting to put on the injury...and then give them a kiss on the cheek when you know its okay.

You are finally potty trained, as of April this year...and glory be, that was a BEAUTIFUL victory! You are actually more potty trained, throughout the night than either of your brothers were. It started when I said we were out of diapers (which was 'kinda true' we were running very low, and Isaac needed to use the ones we had left). So you said in your true annoyed fashion when you don't like something, "fiiiiiinnne." And you peed on the toilet. And then you did more and more..until you just started saying you needed to go. Now, you will announce that you need to go, and when we get up to come help you, you'll turn to us and say, "no...I don't NEED your help, I can go all by mine-self." You also like to "have to go pee outside". I had told you when first learning, its okay to pee outside at our house when its an emergency. So now, you will be playing and you'll even go as far as to come to the door, yell inside the house, "It's a-a-merge-ncy!" And I'll tell you to come in to go pee, but no no no, you want to go outside. So I have to pull your pants down and you'll stick your belly out as far as it'll go, and you pee. "Whew. I sure did water that grass. That's sure good."

Bedtime is so far from "normal" for you. We try to avoid naps for you most days (some days, you just flat out NEED one, and that is what we do), as you become super difficult to lay down at a decent hour at night. But even on days of our best attempts, you just CAN'T crash, wherever/whenever you're body says so. (And every single time it makes me stop and look so sweet and little). You sometimes feel it coming and say, "I'm very ttiiiiiirreed, I need to go to sweep." 
You HAVE to sleep with your blue blanket. You pick at the satin much so, that it has started to wear down in areas, and you have said, "UH-OH, look...there's a hole!" (As if something that is unknown has happened to is not a mystery why this is taking place.) You also like to sleep with very random items, ranging from kitchen tongs to toy cars to Lego men to pipe cleaners. In order to do so, we have made it a rule that he has to put whatever item in a ziplock baggie and set it to the side of his bed. And if you were to just go to bed, and go to sleep after being in your bed that would be one thing.....but oooooooooh no, that ONLY happens when you are completely exhausted and you fall asleep when your head hits the pillow. We're talking about 5% of the time. What your 'normal' looks like is, "I need my leche." (You drink warmed almond milk, that you only refer to as leche.) After that, you "used to" (as of several weeks ago), chuck it out of your bed, get out of bed with your blanket to come find Daddy. And then you usually spend at least 30 min -1 1/2 hours putzing around, talking about ALL KINDS of things (those are actually my favorite, because its the funniest), reading/looking at books, or just laying next to Ben flip-flopping or pulling at your blanket. Once asleep, it is highly unlikely that is the location you will remain'll end up all kinds of places (couch, floor, our room/floor).

You LOVE LOVE LOVE your Daddy!!!!! No doubt about it, we would be in BIG trouble without Daddy around! I can't even tell you how many times a day I hear, "I want Daddy. I need Daddy. When is Daddy coming home? Where's Daddy? I want Daddy. I want Daddy. I want Daddy now." I have come to just reply with, "me too" and sometimes I add in there "should we cry together and see if that makes him appear." And its not that Ben is even gone an overabundance of time....just normal work schedule stuff. When you were still wearing diapers you would want Daddy to change you, Daddy gives you a bath, Daddy needs to take you potty now, etc. I will are not 'typically' a stickler about this when you are home with me during the day (I know you tolerate me...haha, no, I know you love me too. You just have a special bond with Daddy). It's mostly in the evenings, or if Daddy is around and you know he 'could be' available to you. I love that you love your Daddy, its about the sweetest thing to see you snuggle up on him. I would be okay with you not INSISTING on needing him in the very early morning hours when he has already gone to work, or at times that he is already occupied with someone/something else when he's at home. But I agree, Daddy is awesome and he is worth loving whole-heartedly.

You have interesting relationships with each of your brothers:
With can be so so sweet with him. You will come up to him, and just kiss his head or head very softly. And then you'll look up and inform me that you "just kissed Isaac". You will also try and parent him, "Isaac no-no, you can't have that. Isaac get down, that's dan-grous." This does have its benefits, as you have helped catch things that he is getting into that he really shouldn't. Usually, Isaac is NOT a fan of this, he will squawk VERY loud. And with you, he will even bite you when he is seriously dissatisfied with something you are doing. It is not kind...and is not encouraged (but I do remember NOT that long ago when you were a 1 1/2 year old, you did this VERY thing to Noah). You and Isaac can play and giggle and chase, it is so cute to watch when you are interacting on your own in a playful way. You fill the BIG brother role to him in such a proud way, where you look out for him and make sure he is taken care of.
With and he can play very nice together when its just the two of you. You push each others buttons and you do the most physical "fighting" out of the 4 of you, but you also "need" each other the most. You both are timid/shy/reserved when it comes to interacting with other kids outside our immediate family. At church, you will go if the other goes to children's church. At home even, you will go downstairs and play if Noah goes with you. You each will say, "I need Noah" or he will say you to go with them in order to do something. People are slowly starting to not get you two so have completely different looks (in my mama mind anyway!), but you wear same size clothes, so your closet is very interchangeable.
With Christian....ooooooh with Christian. You two are way to similar it is not always good. You can laugh and play and rough house SO hard and get along GREAT! And literally within minutes, something will go awry and you two are screaming at each other and running around with your heads cut off trying to tattle LOUDLY about what the other person did. I'm not going to lie, you guys can drive me really really bonkers. However, you look up to Christian and you want to do things for him that you know he will will share the things that are special to you in hopes you will please him. It is so sweet when you do this. You also know eeeeexxxaaaacccttttllllyyy the wrong/right buttons to push of his to send him over the moon crazy, and that is a work in progress with him to not allow you do get to him. That is certainly not so sweet to witness, and I'd be okay if you quit doing that immediately.

Things you like:

Making smoothies with Daddy. You man the blender. You put the fruit and spinach in, you tell Daddy what step is next. And then every time you say, "Ready? Can I push it?" and then you verify once more before pushing the button to mix it all up. You love smoothies, and you are a excellent smoothie chef!

Playing outside. You love to be outside; riding your bike, playing in the sand pile, collecting SO many sticks and carrying them around, swinging, playing with Grandma and Grandpa's dogs.

Playing with Lego, plus-plus's, cars. You may destroy some of the creations that you see built by others as well...which does not go over well. But you stack, build, and create...and my favorite is when you make them "talk" and you have different voices and long drawn out so funny!

You like to watch "shows". I get asked everyday, "Can I watch a show??" Many times, said quickly in a row. You do get to SOME DAYS. Your favorites include...but certainly not limited to: Paw Patrol, Veggie Tales, Wild Kratts, Zaboomafoo (another animal show), Daniel Tiger (although not your first pick anymore at all). And since you've been potty trained, there for a little bit I allowed a treat of playing a game on the iPad as a reward for now you will say, "That was a REEEEAAALLLY BIG one, can-I-play-the-iPad???" (read: must say that part really fast) It is no longer used as a reward, but it doesn't stop you from trying.

You like to help me in the kitchen. You actually do really well with helping too! We get the stool out, and you stick it out for quite awhile! (I know this picture is blurry, but its still a special one to me.)

You like to sleep in our room. Sometimes when we lay you down in your own bed, you'll be sleeping, and by the time we go to'll have gotten up and are laying in our bed taking up the MOST space possible you can. You get moved back to your bed, but often in the middle of the night you'll come back in our I leave a little "nest" on the floor for you to sleep if you do that. *You like to snuggle on the big brown blanket on the couch in the morning...and we also refer to that as a nest :)

You like to put on accessories. Glasses, different peoples shoes, hats, boxing gloves, helmets, you name'll try it.

And lastly, here are just a few things that you have said in the last couple months. And its not only what you're saying it, but definitely HOW you're saying it.

On the way to the doctor's office, you said, "We're getting close." (It wasn't really the office, but the same color.) You continued, "I know that we're getting close, I see it!" And then he went on, saying in a sing-song voice, "I know it because I am a genius."

Your fingernails have been weird, as in they are peeling up from the base up (from the hand foot and mouth you got a couple months ago), you looked up and said matter of fact, "Bite your fingernail and then it comes OFF!" (as if it was a brand new discovery!)

Passing by a corn field, you said, "WOW! That corn looks good! Mommy they planted that corn super DUPER good!" Pause. I said, "yeah, they did."
"Yeah they did. Yeah its REAL tall!"

At storytime, you didn't want to leave my lap, yet you wanted to listen. You finally sat down next to me, and certainly wouldn't stand up for the songs. BUT, you sang them to yourself. Then you stood up, whispered in my ear, "I DID sing it! I just sing it quietly!"
You do this often, you will sing many songs, whether it be at church, home, in the van, just don't want anyone to notice you doing so!

You are growing, both physically and developmentally...and it is happening so fast all of a sudden. I hope to remember the little things you say, and how you say them. You are funny, kind, sincere, and seriously stubborn. I love you Jonah and look forward to watching you grow!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Isaac [14-15 months]

Our little baby is well into toddlerhood, everyday he gains independence.
He has a look in his eye when he's going to be ornery, and a sweet little face when he wants to give love. I love to see his personality come out a little more each day.
He seems to have plateaued somewhat on his growing curve. His weight hasn't changed much for months, although he seems to be growing taller. He is wearing 18-24 month clothes, and his feet are bigger than the other boys..I think they're size 6.

His days of being nursed to sleep are on their final count. It is a bit bittersweet, look how precious he is. He drinks almond milk now (like Noah and Jonah, his tummy did not do well with regular milk). I won't complain when he sleeps through the night, that moment won't maybe be so bittersweet. I suppose the fact that he has been pooping on the toilet on a semi-regular basis should counter the lack of sleeping through the night. So crazy that he does this!

 He recently discovered how to put on other people shoes..he wasn't able to completely do this by himself, but he was SO proud to have them on! 

He gives the sweetest open-mouthed kisses, which he prefers to give on the mouth! When we say its time for bed, he will wave goodnight/goodbye and reach over to give his brothers and Daddy a kiss. If we are leaving someone's house or church, etc..and say its time to go, say goodbye...he will do the same thing. Very generous with the kisses (to most people)!

He still has very blue eyes, and his hair is mostly dark blonde and strawberry blonde depending on the light. He has been busy busy busy with those teeth. His molars all came through, and his upper eye teeth are now coming in. Poor guy! He has been extra needy/wanting to be held for a bit, I'm sure those teeth are not feeling great!

He is loved very much! His older brothers do a good job of looking out for him. As he becomes more and more independent, that also means he grabs their things...and he KNOWS he has something they want! He has learned how to throw a fit (yikes!), and can run those little legs fast if he's trying to hang on to something for dear life! When he's just walking around, he will often just have something in his can be a toy, a food item, a random kitchen item, it doesn't really matter.

He is finding more and more that he can get into...trash cans, drawers, cupboards with bowls that can be easily dispersed throughout the house, the piano, the game cabinet, closets. And he can also reach the door knobs now, thankfully he hasn't figured out how to turn them yet. He is also figuring out how to climb up onto furniture. I must say, he isn't as crazy of a climber as Jonah was, and he is good about turning around in order to climb back down.  

His crazy uncle Mitch used the filter to make him look like a scruffy, biker boy. He thought it was hilarious to see himself in his phone..this picture makes me laugh!

He remains a happy-go-lucky boy, who just doddles alot! He says a few words; ba (ball), daddy (on occasion), ba-ba (that one is sometimes for brother and it sounds very close to what he says for baby). Those are the most recognized, but he says, "dah" ALOT, and "eh" quite a bit as well. I know he knows who all of us are...but he hasn't felt the need to say our names (other than Daddy, and he maybe has said mama once). 

Sunday, April 1, 2018


We enjoyed a bit an Easter egg hunt outside while the weather was still acting like it wants to be spring.

In the afternoon, we went over to Mom and Dad's to dye Easter eggs..while Ben and Isaac watched some of the NCAA basketball games. 

Easter morning, we woke up to snow. Its becoming more common to have snow on Easter than it is on Christmas. Silly silly weather. We went to Mom and Dad's church in McPherson, followed by the noon meal at their house. These boys sure cleaned up...pretty happy I get to be surrounded by such handsome men.

After a delicious ham dinner, we had an indoor Easter egg hunt...for children young and old. 

The older the boys get, the more and more they can verbalize their thoughts on why we celebrate Easter. It is one of the most amazing parts of being a parent, seeing them grow physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. So neat. And the other part of that, is in turn how much they make me grow; physically...haha, well...4 pregnancies did help in that area...emotionally, mentally (those buggers are smart!), and the most pleasant surprise spiritually (their innocent questions really make me look at what I believe in a good way).

We had a good Easter. Always glad we get to celebrate openly and freely the death and LIFE of Christ! He is ALIVE!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

March Moments

March moments....

2nd graders had to choose a famous American to research and then dress up as for a special live museum type presentation that we could go to.
Christian was Theadore Roosevelt. He did so well, it was all very interesting and educational!

 We've had a couple teaser "spring-like" days/evenings. Enjoying them as the come!

Jonah the ninja-bath baby. He is far from a baby. This child is growing! I look at his face and I can see him as a big big sweet little Jonah is growing up!

When they play outside, they can often entertain themselves for QUITE sometime. I'm enjoying these days that they are home together, and they play nice. I know it will not always be like this...but it is sweet while it lasts.

Isaac loves his Papa. He will say "papapapa" but I feel as though that covers a wide range of things. We'll say, it's for Papa as well though!

Ben finished and put up the measuring board I wanted. He used an old fence board from someone in town...I really like how it turned out. Now we can keep track of how big these fast growing boys are getting!!!

Noah got new glasses x 2 (his first pair lasted all of 20 minutes before breaking!). He is also learning how to play checkers, chess, Mastermind, and remains a plethora of knowledge around the topic of space/planets.

He got a loom kit for Christmas, and he's got it mastered. If you ever need a bracelet..he's your guy. 

Lastly, but not baby is certainly not a baby-baby anymore. He is just as active as can be, with a growing personality. Its so fun to watch them in this toddling, jabbering age. I just want some of the moments to freeze a little longer. 


Friday, March 30, 2018

Good Friday

The boys had off from school for Good Friday, so we went to Tanganyika...complete with a picnic lunch. I like this zoo because its very hands on, and its not too big so that you can walk around the whole thing and its about the right amount of time spent!

This little stinker, he fell asleep LATE in the afternoon and wouldn't wake up. So, his bedtime was a bit delayed. He stayed up and helped me make some Easter sugar cookies...he is usually the one that likes helping in the kitchen anyway!