Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mom & the Boys

Ben had a continuing education class Friday night and Saturday until mid afternoon.
Saturday morning was Christian's first soccer game...and he had a lot of fun!
He was p-r-e-t-t-y excited about his new cleats and shin guards he got this week.

We came home for awhile, but in the afternoon we were all ready for something different to do. I had read there was an event happening at the small McPherson airport. So we decided to check it out while Daddy was still busy. It ended up being kind of a dud..BUT all three of them did get to sit in a plane and the pilot explained how to fly! They really enjoyed that part, so as far as they were concerned it was fun.

As we were heading home, I called Ben and he was just getting home. There is still much to do with our bathroom(s) remodel. So he agreed that it would be fine if I would find something else for the boys and myself to do away from the house. Christian had heard about the state fair from school..and really wanted to go, so I turned the car around...and we headed to the fair! 

I let Noah and Christian go on one ride together...
of course they would've loved to go on more, but I really didn't know how many they both could handle just by themselves, and/or how to entertain Jonah as they got to go on rides. So one ride it was. We walked for awhile, there were SO many people...too many. We ate...that was a 'treat' in and of itself. Not so much. I definitely have a fresh appreciation for just a glimpse of the single mothers out there. And this was nothing compared to really being a single mom. But goodness...I just needed about 4 more arms and at least one more body to be in different places. 
All of that to say, it actually was kind of fun...we saw various animals, cows being milked, and Christian really wanted to watch some kind of bull judging. I have no idea what they were doing, but Noah and him went to sit down in the bleachers to watch a judge walk around and look at big ol' bulls. We stopped for icecream on the way home...and I officially wore them all out!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Great Grandma Sweigart

Great Grandma and Grandpa Sweigart were in town for a church conference. We were able to see them several times. The one evening, the boys picked out the silliest of silly books for her to read to them...they just love it The Book with No Pictures. They all got a good laugh at it!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Grandpa Get Better

Grandpa needed some help...
he needed visitors and distraction to pass the time while he was in the hospital. I just so happen to have a couple of little boys that can be a distraction...I don't know how much "help" they really were, but we visited anyway!

Without knowing too many specifics even yet, something is 'abnormal' with his skin and/or blood. It was treated as an infection for many days..but that was not the actual problem. Hopefully soon they will know what the issue is, and how to "solve" it. Meanwhile, I have eager visitors to keep him company if Grandpa is around!

We all love you...and bummed that you've had quite the run around trying to get this thing figured out. Glad that you are feeling better, and out of the hospital!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August moments

We do not have cats..but the neighbors down the street do, and they roamed into our yard for the evening, and wouldn't leave despite the treatment they received from Noah and Jonah. They were well loved on..but when I saw their owners return, I was very okay with them going back HOME!

My dear friend Sonia, and her family moved this month...all the way to North Dakota.
I will miss them!

Just never know quite what you're going to see with this guy.

A pre-supper entertainment.
Play-doh, spaghetti noodles, and Cheerios....they made quite the creations.

 Art work.

Its still hot..thank goodness for Grandpa and Grandma's pool.

He got to sit in the front of Papa's truck.

Oh Noah...Ardis sure does put up with you sometimes :)

 It was a cool enough 'hot' to be able to play at the park a little.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Noah [First Year of Preschool]

We decided just a couple weeks ago that it would be a good idea for Noah to go to preschool...IF they had an opening. I emailed, and a spot had opened it was meant to be!
He was pretty excited AND nervous to go to preschool "like Christian did!"

On the morning of his first day, he said, "Is today the day I get to go!?!?!?"
Yes it is!
"Okay!! I'm not gonna be shy, I'm not gonna be shyyyyyy (in his little nervous giggle)."

 He was so excited, he was just giddy.
I really could've seen this initial drop off MUCH in the complete opposite! It just makes me feel like this really was a good idea to send him this year :)

And a couple weeks later, when his NEW book bag came from Grandma..
another EXCITED boy :) 

So proud of you are so brave and smart! 
I hope you have a blast in preschool this year and make some new friends :)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

It's a...

We found out the newest little Hershberger baby is another BOY!
Glad to see he looks healthy and growing as he should.

Oh yes, it takes a few tries to get a semi-good one!!

This squirt, is not such a squirt...he's growing like a weed!

Noah has some serious classic looks...
and they don't hold back much!

The best I could get of him, in between running around like a crazy boy!

 Another boy...
I love each and every one! I am a blessed mama :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Back to School [2016]

I got to back to school shopping with my soon to be 1st grader! We didn't get too wild and crazy. After we registered for school, we headed to Wichita. Christian picked On The Border to eat lunch, which is fine by me!!
We went to pick up new shoes...super bright ones! Then we finished up at Target...and a treat from Sonic for the ride home :)

My two handsome boys on their first day of school..2016-17 year.
1st Grade ----- HS Spanish (2nd year teaching at HHS)

Christian 1st Grade >>> Mrs. Kaufman
Most looking forward to: "Being with my friends and playing at recess."

He got off the bus with a beaming smile...and said, "I had a GREAT first day!!!"