Saturday, October 7, 2017

Isaac [9 months]

Isaac my dear, you are 9 months old and growing well!
You are weighing in at 23.8# (92%) and 29 1/4" (80%) and a healthy little guy. We met your new doctor this month, and she checked you over. You're wearing mostly 18 months+ which means ALL those hand me down 12-18 month winter cloths are just going to be simply not used on you! What are you going to do...I love all of you little man. 

You are seriously so happy. It does not take much to make you smile so big! And you show off all 7 of your teeth when you do. Then when you add in your rapid flapping hands and feet because you're so excited, its just the cutest thing.

You are very good at getting into things, very! And although I feel we have provided you with a pretty good selection of baby toys, you actually are more interested in the paper variety of little bits you can chew off of books/magazines/envelopes, etc. You are also very good at finding the crumbs any of your brothers drop for you.

You enjoy baby food, and as long as it doesn't have actual chunks of food in it, you will eat it. So although you have plenty of teeth, the texture is not a go for you. You will eat Cheerios and the baby puffs, but not table food.

You joined the big boy bath crew. You have your own seat that works out so nice, and they think its great having you in on the splashing fun!

You also, legit, pooped on the toilet just a week before turning 9 months. I could tell you were going to go (its not too big of a mystery with the noises), and so I somewhat jokingly sat you on the potty. But then you went!! And you've done it SEVERAL times since. I thought it would be great motivation for your almost 3 year old brother, but instead he just said, "OH, good job BUDDY!"

You love the swing, and being outside. And being outside in these cooler temperatures with fall colors is simply wonderful.

On the go..yet oh so chill. You can do it all. You master the stairs going up like a champ, I follow you, and you haven't considered coming back down yet. And you can be the most snuggliest baby, just loads to love. 

Your brothers call you; Sweet Isaac, Sweet Baby, "Mama-Baby" (per Noah, and I have no idea why), Smiley Baby.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Noah's Narratives [4--almost 5 years old]

This past week Noah has had several conversations that have just struck me so funny...that I wanted to be sure to write them down.

The other night, I took Jonah and Noah with me per their request to the grocery store...which ended up being Carters, Orshlens, Walmart, and then Dillons. They were having a good time, and we took our time (helllooo Lego aisle at Walmart). Anyway, when we got to Dillons, I put them in the cart and Noah told Jonah something about getting a lifesaver. I didn't pay much attention to what he was saying. And then after the first aisle we went down, he asked me something about getting "those lifesavers". I honestly didn't know what he was talking about. I turned to go to the produce area, and then he lite up and said, "ahhh, this is where those lifesavers are." And that's when it hit me; SEVERAL weeks ago, I had taken him with me to the grocery store, and ran into someone I knew after we had stopped at the free produce for small children display. I love this about Dillons, they let you give your child a banana, cutie, or apple, which makes shopping WAY more enjoyable for everyone...."a lifesaver" I had told the woman I was talking to. I never thought about Noah listening to what I was saying, nor would I have EVER imagined he would refer to these free produce items as only "livesavers"! So after I realized that was what he was referring to. I went to the display, and Noah gives his excited sigh, and asks Jonah, "Which lifesaver do you want? A banana or cutie?" And as he had remembered from the last time the cutie we had gotten had a bad spot, so he said, "I'll take a banana because we know that the cuties are bad." The child has a mind like a steel trap!!! YIKES!

Misleading Wedgie
When he was getting ready for bed, I asked him to go to the bathroom. So he goes to the bathroom, then comes back in the bedroom and looks at me. "What?" "I think I need to go poop." "Ok, then go." He takes a couple steps, and then turns around and looks at me. "Go poop, Noah." "Well, I don't need to. It was just my underwear in my crack. It made me feel like I had to go poop, but I really don't need to." If I could somehow input the way in which he said this, so matter-of-fact, yet with a slight was hilarious.

Dangerous Sneeze
In the morning, I was getting everyone dressed in the same room. I was trying to get a diaper on Jonah. Noah starts a conversations all about diapers. "Jonah you wear a diaper because you don't go poop or pee on the potty. Isaac you are just a baby so you wear diapers. And I do not wear diapers, I wear underwear. night I wear pull-ups, which are a type of diapers. And I also wear pull-ups when I sneeze poop and have diarrhea. That is definitely when I need to wear pull-ups. But most of the time I just wear underwear, because I am big." (I could not refrain from laughing, it was so funny.)

The Girl
We went to see Grandpa in the hospital with his knee replacement. The nurses were very intrigued with the face that "all four boys were mine". So, as we stepped out to go to the bathroom, one of the nurses asked me if "I wanted a girl" and then went a step further to say, "Well don't you want to try for a girl.". This is definitely not the first person to say this. So I responded with something that satisfies this type of comment. "I think we're just fine with the four boys we have, they are pretty special." But as we are walking away Noah says to me, "Well, we ARE going to have a girl...but just not for a long time from now." Bahahahahaha.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Isaac [8 months]

** 8 months old little man **
Jonah and Noah now refer to you mostly as "happy baby", said in the most 'happy' sounding voice they can use, and its not just a one time saying it, its on repeat. "Hey there happy baby, you is a happy baby, how are you happy baby, oooohhh happy baby" and on and on. BUT, you love it! And you ARE very happy most of the time!!! So, HAPPY BABY it is :)

You are VERY mobile. You crawl, pull yourself up, and get yourself placed in quite the predicaments. So, if I'm not able to keep my eyes on you at ALL times, I will put you in the swing for a ride. You still like the swing, and even fall asleep in it. The boys love to make sure you have a tune playing and they'll talk to you. You love music, you will sing loud during church and you will start singing your 'sing-song' noise when I rock you to sleep while singing. Its the sweetest!

You are part of this craziness. Your brothers take turns including you in our activities. In this picture, Jonah is pushing you in the stroller while Christian and Daddy sing London Bridges Falling Down. You love to interact with them, they certainly bring out the big smiles. But, you really do have a lot of smiles to share...even for strangers. You just have to look them over real good, keep a straight face with your cheeks not even budging a glimpse of a smile...and then you'll break loose and go all in, maybe even tilting your head against me to show that your bashful too.

You have 5 teeth as of exactly 8 months old! And you can gnaw on things like crazy!!! You eat baby food very well, nothing too solid yet...the few times we've tried (sometimes Cheerios or puffs), you don't utilize those teeth to their full potential.

You are on-the-go. The crib has since been lowered ALL the way, the baby gate to the stairs is on a MUST SHUT ALWAYS status, and pretty much all doors need to be closed. You have also learned how to open and shut the drawers to the hutch cabinet, which you haven't quite caught on that it doesn't feel good. And that stack of JUST folded cloths, you promptly learned how to pull yourself up for the first time, and flung the clothes to the floor.

I'm not going to lie, Mr. Isaac, I'm not really okay with you thinking you need to be so advanced. I mean, you are JUST now 8 months old, I don't need you to be learning how to walk!!! You are my baby, and you can be a baby a little longer please :) All the teeth so fast was one thing, but this activity business is taking it to a whole new level!

Its the cutest thing when you discover yourself in the mirror. It just doesn't get old for love to smile at yourself and then often you'll lean in for a big wet kiss! So funny.

You tried out corn-on-the-cob nearly a month ago. You didn't get any real kernels, but you liked chewing on it all the same. The only times you really get mad/sad are when you are hungry and not getting fed fast enough, or tired and not able to lay down. You reach for people you know, and you will crawl up to my legs if you are on the floor and want to be held. You weigh 22#, so you are solid, but you are also quite long! You are wearing mostly 18 month size cloths, and even some of those the torso isn't long enough. 

You love to swing, and your brothers love to push you. The one day, Christian and Noah were outside with you as I quick took a shower. Noah came running in as I was getting out to tell me something that Christian did. I came out and Christian said, "I put him to sleep for you!" And sure enough, you were slouched down, FAST asleep! I was glad they didn't try and get you out to lay you down!!

You met your second cousin, Isaac.

Oh sweet Isaac, there is so much to love about you. You know how to warm our hearts and make us smile! You are such a blessing and I am so glad you are in our family.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Isaac [7 months]

Hello there sweet Isaac...
7 months old and on the go already!

You sit very well, although can't quite master that position on your own from being on your belly. You are crawling of sorts. The traditional "crawl" is intermixed with your own scoot-scoot-push. Regardless, you get around, and you seem to be more interested in everything that is NOT placed in front of you to distract you. You like floor vents/registers, crumbs of any kind, the leg rungs on bar stools, shoes, cords...pretty much anything that is disgustingly covered in germs or is dangerous you are a big fan of! So, the baby gates are up, most doors remain closed, and I am constantly trying to pick up the little things that get dropped within your vicinity. 

You are often greeted by your brothers. Noah and Jonah in particular are eager to go "talk to you" in the morning or when they hear you waking up from your nap. Noah has been calling you "mama baby" lately, which I have no idea where he came up with that name. But he says it all airy, "mmaaammma bbabbbbby, how are you??" I tell him it actually sounds kind of creepy, but neither he or you seem to mind, so I guess for now its alright. Jonah still is very fond of you, checks on your every move and lets me know if its ok or not. If he thinks it is unsafe, he will physically try and block you or simply snatch the item away from you.
You enjoy their presence most of the time. It doesn't take much to entertain these goofballs climbing in your bed while you were lying in it didn't seem to bother you at all! You will often squeal and talk LOUDLY with delight!

You are usually a VERY happy baby. I can know you are tired or hungry if you get fussy. The exception to this has been teething. Those ol' teeth aren't very nice and you've needed extra holding/snuggling for that. In the evening, its Daddy that can often get you to go to sleep if Mama has tried (and all you think you can do is eat from me...which makes your belly just hurt if you're already full!). Its always so cute to see you lay on Daddy's chest...I'll tell him how jealous I am, because there's just nothing quite like a baby lying on you sleeping like that.

That warning on your shirt holds true...
you are not afraid to chomp down on anything and everything with those ol' teeth. Your teething game is strong, and you have 4 teeth already! There really is no reason you need all those teeth yet, so you could probably slow down in that area. But you do give the sweetest big smile ever!
As far as food goes, we are starting to feed you "food" twice a day, and you haven't really refused anything..which is nice! You nurse about 3-4 times during the day...and Lord have mercy, I don't even know how many times you wake up and I feed you to easily help you back to sleep at night. It happens..that's what I know. If by 2 years old you're still getting up this frequent we'll get serious. But until then, I figure you will probably figure it out at some point just like your brothers.

You are aware of where Mama is. It is sweet, you light up if I walk in a room, and your head is on a swivel if I'm not the one holding you. You will reach for me if I'm near you (you will do this somewhat for Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa as well).

 Your hair is starting to lay down! It is light brown/dark blonde with a tint of strawberry blonde like red sometimes. Your eyes are still bright and blue. I would think you'd keep your eye color, but I bet your hair will continue to get darker like your brothers. You have just grown like crazy. I don't know how much you weigh (more than last month!)..more than 19#. But its just nuts how long you are, as you are FILLING out 12-18 month clothes! And you and Jonah wear the same size 4 diapers..also craziness!

These cuties...
in the evening especially, everyone is a fan of either "holding or talking to or giving kisses" to you. You like playing "peek-a-boo", it gets an immediate smile every time. You are also ticklish...even when I clean you off with the washcloth you will giggle. You grab and swat with those little chubby hands..and you're quick! I think every time I've attempted to wear a necklace I have to take it off as you will gladly pull/grab it hard enough to nearly remove it yourself.

You like to be kissed on, "got", and playing "this is the way the Lady goes" on Grandpa's knee. You have also discovered there is a super cute baby that looks at you when you look in the mirror...its so cute. You get so excited to see 'that baby'!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Celebrating Christian [8 years old]

Our oldest boy is EIGHT! Each year, the number makes it seem that much harder that it has been that long ago that we were in the hospital meeting our first baby boy! But, here we are, and he is EIGHT and great!

We had a couple of celebrations... the first with the Sweigart family.

 He chose haystacks..and a "cookie" cake for dessert.
A big highlight was getting this certainly looks hard to me!!

The Hershberger family came the following Sunday evening.
We had spaghetti and a rice krispie "cake" for dessert.

 He got more Keva planks..which he promptly put to use with Grandpa H in building a very cool creation. And then, I recorded the knocking down the creation in slow motion, which I'm pretty sure he considers equally as exciting to watch.

Isaac was his happy little self, and really liked Great Grandpa H's hearing device.

On his actual birthday, we took Christian and Noah to see Cars 3. That evening, we had supper (haystacks...again!) and then opened our family's gifts to him...and went to Grandma and Grandpa's for angel food cake! His brothers got him a nerf gun that was PRETTY exciting...something else to use to knock down those awesome creations!
Happy Happy Birthday Christian....may #8 be GREAT!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Christian [Eight Years]

Christian..eight years old.

I feel like you are in the middle of a big growth spurt. You have grown so much over the summer, getting tall and a grown boy! There is a much shorter list of foods that you don't care for. It has become so much more of an encouragement to endure your younger brothers picky ways as it doesn't feel like it was that long ago that you were the KING of picky eating. Some of your favorite foods; haystacks, pizza, hamburgers (even with pickles and mustard sometimes!), spaghetti, cucumbers, vanilla yogurt, watermelon, cantaloupe, pancakes, bacon, chicken/wild rice soup, and ICE CREAM is hands down your favorite dessert. 

Oh you like to have fun. You love to play outside or build with blocks of some form inside. You also like to draw, and man, you are good at it! You like school, you thoroughly enjoy learning and reading...and are very social (maybe a bit too much!). You read very well, and really like to read chapter books. 

 You like to build, always thinking up how things are made or creating something. You like when Daddy lets you make things with his scraps. You also like making towers or creations with blocks, cups, etc...and then using a nerf gun to make them all fall. Often when you build inside, you listen to Adventures in Odyssey. You like to have space to yourself, especially if your brothers are VERY curious what you're up to. 

You can be so funny. You had put Noah's glasses on here. And when you get going, your laugh is still one of the most contagious laughs I know. It is so full of happiness. 

You are a good big brother. Its not always an easy job for you, but you do such a good job. You read to them, give them a "hey buddy", hold their hands when we get out of the car, help put their shoes on, and encourage them at the supper table to try their food. They sure do bother you plenty..but when you shine in that big brother role, it makes my mama heart so proud.

Christian, you are an amazing young boy. You have a crazy good memory, always thinking, love being around others, and have opinions regarding most everything. We love you so much, and look forward to seeing how GREAT this #8 year will be!