Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January Days

Our January days....

Celebrating our baby turning ONE!

There are 3 little boys who look forward to their big brother coming home..
Isaac standing on the couch watching the bus drop off. And Christian is blurry, but you can see he is running...he does this EVERY day. He gets out of the bus and RUNS to the house!

Freshly washed Isaac cub (his new towel I made for his birthday)

Carissa (and the rest of the Gredlers) sent this pretty bouquet. We were wiped out with the flu, some longer than others. It was not very kind to many people we know. That headache was crazy...and so so tired! But these pretty flowers were nice to look at, as we didn't go anywhere (unless absolutely necessary) for a good bit of the month!

The Vikings were doing so well...Christian had made several Vikings bracelets in hopes for moving past playoffs. No such luck, they lost big time!

A glimmer of a nice day...sandwiched in between REALLY cold and windy ones, but we'll take what we can get!

 He loves to create! One of his many creations with the Keva Planks.

Oh are so funny...he thought he could see better if he moved his glasses up.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Isaac [ONE YEAR]

Sweet Isaac, you are ONE year old!
How quickly you have gone from a little baby bundle to an active little boy! You can get into most anything you feel like you need to. You can walk more steadily everyday. You can climb stairs very well (you don't have an interest in learning how to go down yet).

You can smile so big! You are a happy little guy, and will flash your smile fairly readily. You are especially fond of babies or soft animals...this can be both in real life or in make the funniest "awwwwweee" sound when you see them. You are becoming more and more playful with your ways, you like it when we "get" you! You have mostly light brown/dark blonde hair, but somedays it has a bit of a strawberry blonde look to it. You definitely have blue eyes and you have paws for hands and feet (I think you're going to be a tall, strong man someday!).

You celebrated your first Christmas this month. You actually didn't bother the presents under the tree until the very end, and then it was mostly because you wanted to climb on them. You received some fun light up toys that make noise, and really like those! 

You do well at eating, not super fond of vegetables as a rule, but still eat a variety of food. You've started eating more table food, and drink out of a sippy cup sometimes. Pretty much everything that you find on the ground goes into your we are doing alot of finger sweeping in that mouth FULL of teeth these days! You have 8 teeth and seem to be working on those molars soon. 
I will add, you also go poop on the toilet nearly everyday! I know, its crazy, but you do very well at it. I can tell when you're going to go, and then you know exactly how to make it happen within a couple minutes.

You weigh 25 lbs (75%) and 31.5" (90%), so have kind of plateaued with your weight for the time being...probably since you are much more active. You wear 18-24 mo clothes, you are rather long..especially comparing you to what your older brothers were like at this age. Speaking of REALLY like them, and they are still quite fond of you. You are beginning to get into their things, so some of the fondness is maybe fading when that happens. But Noah and Jonah will still ask to hold you from time to time..which is funny to see as you are growing pretty big for them!

You love to be held (particularly by crawl to my feet and stand up to my leg, hanging on until I pick you up). You sleep when you sleep. I don't really keep track of how often you wake up in the night, all I know is you don't sleep thru it yet. You take one nap, sometimes two if we're home. I usually nurse you and/or rock you to sleep. You are my baby and I don't mind doing this one bit!
Happy 1st Birthday Isaac are just so sweet and loved by all of us. 
I am very grateful that you are healthy and growing. It is bittersweet, as you are leaving the baby stage and entering into toddler-hood (those are fun too...we have found that out). I love you!!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Happy 1st Birthday Isaac!

Isaac is WILD about turning ONE!
We had a safari-ish theme to celebrate.

A lion cake, zebra stripes (chocolate covered pretzels), monkey pudding (vanilla pudding with banana slices), lion's mane snack (veggies/dip and cheese/crackers), jungle friends (animal crackers), elephant treats (peanuts), tiger tails (cheetos). and boar bites (bacon wrapped apricots).

After eating some food and licking some frosting, he opened some presents.
 I can't believe we're actually celebrating his BIRTHDAY, this year has flown by!

So thank you for the ROARIN' good time for those that could come...
this little boy is officially a ONE year old now!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Sweigart family Christmas

The Sweigart Christmas started on Friday night, with appetizers for supper..followed by opening stockings.

Mom got some SUPER classy pajamas for Mitch and Brent. And Eliana was SO funny, just sitting and resitting herself on Mitch. More of a plop, than a gentle sit.

Brent and Alyssa were not feeling well unfortunately, but they came and we even stayed up to play games.

And this little fella, decided to stay up REALLY late!! He finally went sleep around 3 am.

The morning brought chatter, games, food, and cousin time.

We opened presents from cousins/siblings in the morning.

We had a very delicious Christmas meal...ham, noodles, lettuce salad, cranberry salad, bread, beans, and oh probably something else I'm forgetting!

After lunch, we opened gifts from Mom/Dad/Grandma/Grandpa.


 Foosball is a favorite for sure.

Brutus made it an appearance at supper, and Noah was certainly amused!

We even had time for a very shortened version of the nativity.

 Grandma made these two little babies comforters for their first Christmas'.
She also made beautiful wall hangings for us three girls (which I will need to get a copy of that picture!)...I know she has been a very busy lady in the sewing room!!

We had a merry Christmas, there were several that didn't feel well...but we were all able to be together and make the most of our time.