Monday, July 31, 2017

July moments

Christian lost 2 teeth in the same day, just minutes apart! He was working on the one front tooth, and just as I was rocking Isaac to sleep he came in the room and showed me how the 'other' front tooth had been pulled out first!

What a chill content

So so so ornery. Towards the beginning of July, with the first tomato of the year! (Pants seem to be optional most days, both inside and out!)

Poor guy just didn't feel well for a couple days with a low grade fever. They always look so sweet, yet so pathetic when they are sick :(

He drew this helicopter with hook ropes, then painted it with watercolor. He kind of amazes me, both in design and ability.

"Water Days" are deemed favorite outside activity by all. 
Consisting of the hose, the sand pile (which has been spread out pretty flat by now) and usually taking all clothes but undies off. They can play for QUITE some time like this!!

We celebrated Great Grandpa John's Birthday at Water's Edge


We had a date night out! Went out to eat in Lindsborg (very good) and then stopped in McPherson at Noffy's (a quaint little spot, with good drinks) afterwards.

The church family night at the public pool was SUPER fun for Christian especially. He went off the diving board the entire time! Diving and/or doing flips (I have no idea how he knows how to do the flips...but he did them a lot!).

The bedtime fun. Some night are smoother than others..but they sure are cute.

The weather has been a bit in unusually cool and even rain!

They are so sweet.
They are definitely brothers.

July went fast in spurts and not fast enough in others...but good memories were made all the same!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Day Off

It was a beautiful Sunday day, and we ...and just have our own version,
which looked a little like this...
a day at the park.

Sometimes it is just good for the soul to take a day off.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Sweigart Family Fun:: Week Two

Frog-more-stew, rocket launching, arboretum visit, suppers, and plenty of time in the pool filled up the second week the Gredler family (minus Tim after Monday afternoon).

[ Ready for a rocket launch...and the chase that follows ]

 At the arboretum one morning to take a lap around the path and visit the fish/turtles in the pond. The library has a book walk there in the summer, and features a different book throughout the path. It made the walk more entertaining for the kids for sure (Grandma read it to them).

An unplanned coordinating outfit moment :) 
Navy - bright orange - white
The Christophels came for supper one evening as well!

[ Grandpa reading the grandkids a book ]

[ Love from aunts and uncles ]

[ A final pool party ]

Its fun to spend time all together.. many memories to be held! 
Until next time.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Grandpa Sweigart

My Grandpa Sweigart passed away July 1. He had been placed on hospice about a month ago, with a new diagnosis of cancer that had spread throughout. The funeral was held in Missouri, where they live, and we all went.

On Friday night, we drove up to Kansas City, ate at Chic-fil-a and then stayed at the hotel.

 In the morning, the immediate family had a very good breakfast all together at Grandma's house, prior to the funeral. 
Great Uncle Randy - Isaac                                     Isaac - Great Grandma