Thursday, June 30, 2016

Michigan Family Trip [Day 7]

I made a full breakfast just for fun this was good.

The boys all stopped by a beach in Traverse City along the way to our adventure for the day. While they were there, I got to visit the same laundry mat as before due to a bedding incident in the boy's room last night. After we got that taken care of, we headed on to Leland, otherwise known as "Fishtown". What a unique, fun place!!

Chocolate Covered Sea Foam....a first for me. Unique, like an airy yet crunchy toffee.

It was a perfect day...just beautiful.

It felt like a town from a movie...just a different feel. Houses and stores right there on the water.

I had to take a picture of "Joy".

We came home late afternoon, had supper, and then walked down the street to another lake that was across the street from us.

My favorite boys.

Jonah just REALLY wanted to catch these ducks. They had been up against the shore...not after Jonah came running towards them!

Christian practiced skipping rocks alot this trip. He was SO happy when he got it to skip!

Oh, they are very similar. Ben was teaching him how to find a good skipping rock, and the 'right' angle to throw it at. He's just a good ol' Daddy. (That's what Christian used to call him several years ago!)

Noah was so proud to be able to help find rocks for Christian..."HERE CHRISTIAN!! I found one for you!!!"

They were entertained for quite some time doing this!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Michigan Family Trip [Day 6]

The day started off with a first for me....doing laundry at a laundry mat.
I thought there was one right around the block from where we were staying, but come to find out, it was closed down. So I had to drive all over creation to find one! It went fine..grateful for my own appliances at home, I don't think it would be very fun to have to rely on such a place all the time to do laundry.

I got back around 10 or so, and we headed to the beach area. We had collected rocks while we were at the beach in Glen Arbor...and I had brought along we painted rocks outside.

This little fella didn't last too long with the whole painting rocks..he threw them really well...and then he gave up after I kept stopping that idea. He just headed towards the water. He knows he's ornery...little mess (cute little mess that is).

Ben took Christian and Noah to our place to eat lunch and bring some back for Jonah and I. I walked around the downtown area with Jonah. They had some cute shops I wanted to check out. 
After they came back, we hung out on the beach.

Mid afternoon we headed back to our place for naps..and Jonah slept on me for quite a long time. It was truly a gift, he never does this! Ben and I watched one of our favorite shows, Fixer Upper while the lasagna was baking in the oven. What a glorious afternoon!!

After supper, we headed to the downtown area..a couple blocks away. I had overheard some kids talking while I was checking out the stores earlier about some event tonight on the main street. Glad I was a fun! There were booths from the local clubs and churches, food, games, face painting...just an all around good time!

 Noah's didn't even last until we got back home..literally 5 minutes. He was so tired, he was rubbing his face..which then caused him to cry (because he realized it was smeary the paint), and it was a mess! Christian's we thought was a grand idea to let him leave it overnight...**note, don't do that...even if you just paid for it. WASH it off before bed :) But, it was really cool while it lasted!! 

 Another VERY good day. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Michigan Family Trip [Day 5]

Tuesday morning, we headed to Mackinac Island. We bought tickets online to ride the ferry from Mackinaw was about 1 hr 45 min away. The drive was nice, and there were many more large Victorian style homes along the way.

We decided to sit on the top deck, just so we could see was pretty chilly once we got going, but still worth it.

This particular ferry time slot, makes the journey to Mackinac Island by going underneath the Mackinaw bridge first. It was interesting to hear about the bridge and the facts about the depths if the pillars. Christian was very fascinated by these facts...and did NOT forget them.

Depth of the pillars beneath water...nearly300 ft. Height of towers above water...over 500 ft. Height of roadway above the water in the middle...200 ft.
350 engineers (3500 total workers at the bridge itself) created the bridge. The bridge is 5 miles long. There are 42,000 miles of wires in the cables, and there are 12,580 wires in each cable. The total weight of the bridge is over 1 million tons!

It didn't take long to see that the island is set up in its own way. No vehicles whatsoever. Horses, bikes and walking are the modes of transportation. Even the UPS delivery man had his team of two horses and a wooden rack to delivery his Amazon packages. 

The streets were filled with tourists. We bought sweatshirts for the boys first, they got chilled from the ferry ride and it was a very pleasantly cool day. Then, we stopped to eat lunch. 

Christian REALLY wanted to rent bikes...and so we decided why not?! I'm so glad we did. We were able to enjoy the beautiful weather and ride the 8.2 miles around the whole island. Ben pulled Noah and Jonah in the bike trailer.

There weren't any "beaches" to stop at. The shore was lined with rocks, and there were MANY rock piles that people had created along the path. It was such a pretty day to enjoy the ride along the water.

Just a "small" home that was along the way...I'm sure its someones vacation home, just a quaint little thing! We saw one that was still in the process of being built. It was interesting to think of how they would get all the supplies in without the use of vehicles! And they sat up on a pretty steep incline.

We made it! We stopped at picked up treats before getting back on the ferry. 

White chocolate covered marshmallows WITH sprinkles...(with a side of solid sugar).I guess its vacation!!

Since we were at the bridge..we of course needed to cross it..and then since there was a fee to cross it, we decided we couldn't just turn right around and go back! Logically of course. We just kept going, and went up to the Soo Locks!

It wasn't quite time for any ships to come in, so we ate at a REALLY good diner right across the street. Ben and I shared a fish sampler platter, and the boys actually got fish dinner's as was so good!

It got very chilly and windy...and there was a partial enclosing to view the ships. The first ship was a salt ship, it was HUGE! I couldn't get the whole ship in the picture. It took a long time to get it through the locks. 

The next one was a Canadian police ship, which was on the side closest to us. It reminded me of a GIANT lego creation with real people on it. It was neat to see up close like this. I have a very vague memory of coming to these same locks as a young this was fun to show the boys!

We had a VERY full we headed back and went to BED!