Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Siblings Night Out

Monday, the boys and I went over to Mom and Dad's in the afternoon. 
We were just hanging out, and played a little Blokus. 

The two "C"'s in green :)

That evening, Mom and Dad watched all 9 grandkids, so the 'big' kids could go out. We just went to Moundridge...and then to Mitch's house afterwards to play! We got to play :) I stopped to get Jonah prior to going to Mitch's..so he got in on the good times. (He actually slept on Alyssa nearly the entire time.)

Silly Aunt Alyssa wearing a coonskin hat :)

Shuffleboard, pool, and a movie...
(I may have not been the best shuffleboard partner to have that night...I successfully knocked off all of my color, but left the opponents standing...on multiple turns. Not ideal to win the game.)

This was what bedtime at Grandpa and Grandma's looked like...

and in the morning, Carissa had them all doing "school".

It was good to get together...and not have bedtimes to tend to.

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