Saturday, July 31, 2010

random reunion pics...

one of my favorite pictures 

Alyssa and Donna...matching

Tonya and Carissa...matching as well :)

Sam had to "go" we were all sitting under the tent, he takes a potty break at the nearest tree!

Sisters...Margie and Mom

Me and my little boy

I just thought this was funny. Andrew is sitting on the SMALLEST chair!

The reunion was a good went by SO fast. Hope to see everyone again soon!!

Birky reunion ~~ three

We had our very own church service..singing, children's story, an offering (nice memories that we wrote on paper for Gpa), and a message by Mitch. It was quite meaningful really.

Followed by another delicious meal...

In the afternoon some went back over to Gpa's house. 

Camille and I dancing to the music that the OLD record player/radio was playing

Isaac (Kyle and Julie's little boy) wanted the trailer to hook up to his tractor.
It actually worked..he just wanted it to Kyle pushed it. It was pretty cute!

Axton (Kandice's son) and Christian playing in the sand at Stanley's

Birky reunion ~~ two

Saturday brings more fun...

In the morning, there were games for the kids...and then games for everyone...such as a scavenger hunt, followed by a group "bear hunt".

Then we all took a hayride, which ended at "cowpie stadium" for lunch and softball. I'm pretty sure we had the best hotdogs ever (and I don't even like hotdogs).

Josh (my cousin Donna's youngest son) squatting while he eats his watermelon :)

watching softball

Later in the afternoon we went to Grandpa's house. He has recently moved into town and is selling his home to my uncle/aunt. The siblings had gone through his things remaining and there was a large amount of items for "sale". It was bittersweet to see the house so empty, but I know it is part of life and am glad for all the good memories I've had there.

MANY family gatherings were held in this home...
Mom and Christian with Grandpa (great-grandpa)

In the evening we celebrated Grandpa's 90th birthday...a little early. His actual birthday is Oct 23rd, but why not celebrate twice :) We sang many songs and shared memories of Grandpa.

Then we took some pictures...
the grandchildren with Grandpa

The girls from the left: Tonya, Carissa, Camille, Tam, Kendra, Donna, Carmen, Natalia, me
The guys:  Michael, Brad, Kyle, Brent, Mitch, Darren (Brian and Matthew weren't able to make it)

the great-grands with GREAT grandpa
there will be 31 total in Sept (not all are pictured)
and there is 1 great-great grandchild :)

Grandpa is pretty GREAT I guess!

To top the night, Mom made popcorn..which is always a hit. Throughout the days we had PLENTY to is a Birky get together afterall!!
Cortney and Hailey watching Mom make popcorn

first haircut


He was a big fan can't you tell

he was so sad to see his hair go. 
It was crazy how a few snips of hair can turn a baby into a little boy :(

Birky reunion ~~ one

The Birky reunion held in MN at my uncle Stanley's house was this past weekend July 23-25. Brent suggested we ride with them in their van since it has the capacity to seat 8. So, we did. Four children, four was a cozy ride, but it really worked out quite alright. We left a little after 5 am on Friday and got there 11 hours later. 

One of the "dance parties" we occupied our time with in the van :) It's a nice look for Ben.

Let the weekend begin....

I was on the Friday night committee, and we were in charge of the opening events for the weekend festivities. We had a series of games/tasks for groups to complete. I must admit, the rest of my group is to take credit for these fun filled activities...I was the score keeper :) Here are several of the random games/tasks...

Ray and Mitch "passing the potato"
Mitch, Dad, Brad attempting to put cotton balls in the bucket using their vaseline dabbed nose only
Russell, Teresa, Kari trying to get a cookie set on their forehead into their mouth using only their face

The Uncles in the peel the potato contest....Kenny is one fast potato peeler!!
It was a nice kick off to the weekend.

After the games were done I couldn't help but notice this...

a beautiful sunset.

and this...

a HUGE double rainbow.  (There was no way to get it all on one picture)

I can't help but think that it was a symbol that Grandma and Shirley were there with us. They were both missed, and definitely not forgotten.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Water park with the cousins

On Ava's birthday we joined the 3 cousins and Alyssa (with two other helpers) and went to the water park in McPherson. I'm a fan of the lazy river and pretty much just being in the water in general. We all had a good time. Ava being the big 5 year old that she is was learning how to swim by herself :)

Kade and Ava watching Christian...what good little cousins they are

The birthday girl and her silly little brother

Maddox looks so tall in this picture..he is a little fish who loves the water. They all do :)

Snack time :)

The crew.

thanks for letting us come along..we had fun!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bergey Family

Last Sunday we met in Hesston with the Bergey family. Grandpa Bergey's birthday is this coming week, he will be 85. 
Ben's parents as well as Diana's siblings were all there...Mary Hope and Paulina (Arizona), Jack (Colorado), and Priscilla (Berlin,Germany).
Mary Hope, Paulina and Christian

Great-Aunt Priscilla

Paulina :)

An intense game of two balloon volleyball :)

All in a days time...

Christian likes knocking down his blocks. We didn't have enough of the letters to spell his first name, so we just went for his middle name.

He is on the move nearly ALL the time...I'm frequently a source to climb on :)

So innocent right?? His favorite drawer in the kitchen...

SO BIG! I made the crib rail protector for the top rail since he is able to kneel and gnaw on the wood.

Monday, July 19, 2010

She's FIVE!

Ava Vivian Sweigart....turns 5! She is quite the special little girlie. We celebrated this year with a beach theme at her house...a "sand" castle cake and all. Her mama sure does know how to go all out with a theme and food! Hope you have a very special birthday on Wednesday...and a wonderful year being FIVE :)