Monday, June 23, 2014

Wheat pictures [2014]

The wheat wasn't really very good around here this year. I'm obviously not a farmer..but I'm thinking it was too dry for too long. It was a very warm, windy day..but we were running out of days to take a quick picture before they harvested the last of it. These were the best we got. It's just the idea anyway.

I thought I'd better take a picture of the little guy...he's over halfway cooked!

Christian's conversations (May/June 2014)

Christian came along to see the ultrasound of the newest baby. He had said from the very first time told, "Its a girl. I know its a sister." He had me convinced..but then I realized that indeed, it may be a I had told him, "It might be a boy. And that would be okay too, right buddy?"
His reply was usually, "It would be okay if it was a boy. But I already have a brother. And it is a girl."

So when we were told and saw that it WAS a boy...afterwards, I asked him how he felt about having a another brother. He said, "Oh mama, its okay..I KNOW that the next one will be a girl."
I guess he just doesn't give up.

One day riding in the car, he asked me, "is the baby going to pop out of your tummy now?"
"No, not for quite awhile. It has to be at least Daddy's birthday before I would be ready for it to come out. But maybe not even until Noah's birthday."
"Well, is it going to come out your mouth or your belly?"
"Definitely not my mouth."
"Well is it going to come out your belly?"
"Oh, kind of I guess." (I figured, it does exit my belly doesn't really "come out" of there)
"Does it come out the same way it got in there?"
(I had to hold back my laughter.) "Yes, it does..yep."
"Ohhhhhh...that would hurt!"
I have no idea where or how he thinks this child got inside me..but I really don't think he knows the accurate version. I just answered with, "yeah, it will for a little bit, but then it will be over."

Lately, if I "surprise" him with a treat of getting to watch a PBS show, or a piece of gum, without him begging for it...he is so thankful and sweet. He will come over to me with open arms, wrap them around me, and give me a heartfelt "THANK YOU mommy!" Part of me thinks I should do this all the time...but somehow I bet it would lose its specialness REAL fast.

He gets really bothered by the fact that some people don't respond to being waved to..or told hi to...or even talking to them. We recently found out, that other children do this too. After Bible School, Ben asked how it went and if he listened. Christian answered, "Yes. But some of the kids did not listen to me. They took the toys I was playing with, and I asked them if I could have it back, and they wouldn't do it. They just didn't say ANYTHING!" It was more interesting to me that he wasn't worried about getting the toy back, but that they didn't even respond! How dare they :)

He really enjoys putting words in Noah's mouth. Noah babbles a lot these days...and has been talking a lot about his "papa" (the boy LOVES his Grandpa). Christian loves to get him going on this. First thing in the morning, Christian will go into Noah's room and say, "HEYY buddy! Good morning. Did you have a good snoozer?? Did you?  That's nice, Noah. Where's Papa, Noah? Is Papa, bye bye. He is! Bye bye Papa." I have told him not to tease like this, because it does indeed get Noah very excited..and he starts giggling!

I have gotten a couple books from the library that are chapter books, that don't have very many pictures at all. I am so intrigued by the fact that he thoroughly enjoys these books. I will read a "chapter" to him before his quiet time usually daily... and he will always say (with a sweet little smile), "just one more? just one more chapter, Please!?"  So far we've read Stuart Little, Charlotte's Webb, and currently reading Little House in the Big Woods. I love hearing him tell the story come to life!

He is very animated about teaching. He was trying to "teach" me how to put together a lego car the other day. I said, "ahh, I don't know if I could do're doing such a good job!" "Oh mommy, I will teach you. Here, look here. This is what you need to do. You turn this thing here, then you.....etc." Then when I tried it...he was SO encouraging, "Oh mommy, you CAN do it! See! Easy peasy! You did it! Good job :)"

He discovered part of his anatomy. This isn't that gross...more funny than anything. He acted like he had a bug bite in between his legs. I asked if he was okay...he said, "I think I got bit by somethin'." I said, "Ok, well let me see." There was no bite. He then said, "Mommy? Did you know there is a ball in there?"
(ahh-hmmm..what??) "Yes, I did."
"Isn't that somethin' how it got it there?"
"Well, you actually have two of them. That's just the way you were made."
"Oh. Well if I move them this way, they shift over there. And if I move them this way, then they shift over here!"
"Okay, well I think that's enough..and we don't need to see if they move anymore. It's neat how God made us, but we don't need to mess with that part, especially in public."

He has a VERY keen sense of smell. The second Noah fills his pants...Christian is all over it. "MOMMY! Noah stinks. Change him now please...he stinks. He really stinks!"

Dad's family was at their house for dinner the other day. I told Christian there were going to be extra people eating with us, and that they are Grandpa's family. I think at one point I referred to them as "company". We came home after eating, and then went back to go swimming later in the afternoon. Before we got there, he asked, "Are those customers still going to be there?" (company or visitors...I'm not sure which he was referring to...but it was pretty funny)

He's been taking a nap lately. When he wakes up..he'll come find me..sit on my lap for awhile. And then, he'll say, "Whew....I sure did take a good snoozer today." If it was a short one, he'll clarify and say, "I just took a little nap today...not a snoozer."

Friday, June 20, 2014

Tree House (part one)

One of the main summer projects we wanted to do this building a tree house.
It's more like a tree house/swing set.
Ben wanted to reuse the old decking from Mom and Dad's old pool. He and Christian have been thinking up a plan for months now. 

Here's the before "tree"

Ben had poured the footings for two of the supports. Then his parents and Sam came one day to help out.
The first level was braced to the tree and put up by noon.

Then next, they "thought" it would somehow work to get the second level hoisted up WELL above the first one. It was obviously not easy to even move on the ground, let alone lift high into the air!

After a couple attempts at this, it was time to move on..we'll figure out another way to get that level up there at a later time (perhaps using machinery instead of people).

Grandma H. played with Christian and Noah and kept them out of the way.

The slide (that I found for FREE..and a garage sale!) was connected to the tree house..its a little steep..but it'll work for now. Christian gave it several test runs. 
They also got up the beam for the swing set portion. 
It's kind of a big fella.

A really big start is underway! 
I'm so glad for the help too :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Deck [part two]

The deck progress continues. 
Ben has finished the landing area, that we step out from the house...and the larger portion of the deck.

He hauls the boards from the front of the house like this...and sometimes there is an extra passenger along for the ride!

Ben helped Christian put in a couple screws. Any chance he gets to help...he's in there!

After the main portion is done, it will be functional...and THAT is exciting!
Next, he will cover the landing area overtop the cement stairs and the step that will run the length of the deck. Then we'll stain it, and she'll be complete!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

I love these two fellas.
My Dad is just an all around good Dad. He works hard, he gives ALOT, and he loves his family :)
I feel blessed to call him my dad. And know that the boy's have a pretty awesome "papa" (as Noah calls him)...that they love and adore!

And Ben...well, I refer to him as "super dad" frequently. 
He is very patient, loving, and playful with the boys. I'm so glad they have a role model like him to look up to. His part in our everyday routine is SO appreciated! 
Noah recently started saying "Da-eeee" (daddy) so much lately...very excited about Daddy! And Christian loves to help him out with projects, to play with him, have him tuck him in and read him his Bible story at night, and listen to his stories. 
I'm definitely blessed to have him in this parenting role we share :)

For Father's Day, we went to church...and then had Mom, Dad, and Mitch over for lunch. We took naps, and then went over to Mom and Dad's house to swim in the late afternoon. Mitch made grilled chicken (SOOO good) for all of us. We were missing Carissa's family, and Maddox and Ava (they went to camp!). We played kick ball outside after supper, it was a gorgeous evening!

Ben is gifted in many areas...hula hooping, is not one of them :)

Happy Father's Day!
You are loved.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My little fish

Christian did swimming lessons this year, the first two weeks of June in the morning for 30-45 minutes. He absolutely LOVES the water. It didn't seem to bother him on the mornings that it was cloudy or even a little cool (low 70's)...he said, "No, Mommy, I don't mind. The water will be just perfect."

 And of course, Noah came along. I brought the little stroller, and Christian was adamant that HE push Noah. Everyday. He is quite the helper sometimes :)

My co-partner in watching swimming lessons needed plenty of snacks to keep him occupied. By the second week, he felt very comfortable wanting to roam and climb on the table. For this reason, I'm glad the lessons only lasted 30-45 minutes!

After his final lesson, we celebrated with Daddy at the park with a picnic!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Deck [part one]

Ben started on the deck the last week in May. 
He's been working on it in the evenings and weekends now.

Christian loves to be apart of the progress. This was when he was digging the holes for the footings.
They were left open, until he could fill them with cement. One morning, Christian had woken up and helped himself outside. I heard him I ran out thinking he had fallen in one of the holes. 
Thankfully, no..he had not fallen. However, he had climbed down in one (which is as tall as he is), and there was a spider in there that he DID not like! He had placed a bunch of his toys to fill some of the other holes. As "fun" as this was, we ended the game of playing in and with these deep holes. He used the grabber toy to get the toys out of the bottom. He told me, "Mommy, I better do it. I don't want you to squish the baby." Right.....

The lumber arrived in our driveway. This is new favorite spot to just "hang out"..especially in the morning. He will ask for a snack of plain graham cracker and juice, then go outside and sit here to eat it.

The beginning. 
 This is the before picture...all sorts of classiness going on here!

 Mom and Dad stopped by Sunday afternoon to check on the progress.
They tried out my new hammock chair I got for my birthday!

Noah isn't the best person to have on the loose. He just really likes his Papa..and really likes to be where the action is :)

Dad stayed and helped Ben screw down some of the boards. I think he was a bit more effective at the job than I was.

It's pretty exciting....I'm looking forward to having picnics and people over to enjoy the new deck SOON! 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Another year older

It was my birthday..and a good day it was :)
We went to Sunday School, and then headed to Wichita. 
We went to Sedgwick County Park..stopped by Freddy's to grab some lunch..and then back to the park to enjoy some time outside!

We came back home for naps. Ben worked on the deck a bit..and then we went over to Mom and Dad's for a picnic by their pool. (They were gone...visiting Carissa & Tim) I made a fruit pizza when we got own birthday "cake" :)

It was a good day. I am very blessed to have this boys that treat me so well.
Christian made me a sweet card..he had Ben write "surprise" on the inside, and on the back he drew red lines...that was supposed to be his lips giving me birthday kisses..and THAT he said was the surprise!