Monday, May 29, 2017

Omaha trip

We decided to take a mini trip to start the summer...
and Omaha seemed to be the right distance and had some of the things we were 
hoping the boys would be excited about!

We left for Omaha after getting around, and arrived around 4:30. After checking into our hotel, we found a place to eat called "The Amazing Pizza Machine". They did have pizza (I'm not so sure it should be classified as 'amazing'), and other buffet kid-friendly foods...and then we got to PLAY!!!

Lots and lots of games and lights and more games.
They had a good time, and then onto more fun at the hotel to swim before bed 
(which was probably equally as fun for them!).

The next morning, it was rainy and we headed to the Children's Museum. There were a few others that had the same idea. But man was it such a neat place!! 

 We left for lunch, and found a place called Pickleman's downtown which had really good pizza. .

In the afternoon, we just came back to the hotel to go swimming...that was just as exciting for them as anything ;) Isaac even joined for a short bit... this was his first time swimming!

We went to a fun place to eat for supper. Too bad Jonah REALLY had other plans. Call it lack of a nap or that he's two...but regardless, the so-called fun outing ended up being a meal to-go for Ben. The two of them hung outside while the other 2 boys (Isaac slept) and I ate fast inside. It maybe didn't go quite as planned. We called it a night, went back to the hotel after stopping for some snacks and watched some shows on the laptop after the boys fell asleep! That's the kind of awesome night we get when there are little people involved!! And I'm not even being sarcastic (minus the meltdown by Jonah), it ended up being a good night!

Sunday, we headed to the Omaha Zoo, along with a lot , as in THOUSANDS of other people this glorious sunshiney Memorial Day weekend!

The aquarium part of the zoo was a huge hit, it was so cool. 
All sorts of fish, sharks, sting rays, jelly fish...
considering Noah frequently includes the sea animals in his supper time prayer, it made for a very good time!

This zoo is SO big and required lots of walking, and it was a warm day. I was thankful we rented this wagon AND took our stroller, and the baby carrier. In no way could we see the whole zoo, but what we did see was memorable! The boys (minus Isaac) and Ben swam again in the hotel pool in the afternoon. Isaac and I had a quiet afternoon in the room, which was kind of a special treat too! 

For supper, we went to Mama's Pizza (SO good), a local pizza place. Not only was the pizza really good, but they had a sign that said something like "Children are Welcome....but No Running and No Screaming." And after last night's fiasco with Jonah at the restaurant, that sign worked wonders! I said, "you can't fuss, there's no fussing in this restaurant." I maybe stretched what the wording was a touch, but we had a very pleasant meal! I think I might need to make one for our house!

After supper, Christian had some money (that Grandpa had given him) to take us out for ice-cream! So Dairy Queen it was...and they were VERY pleased with it!!

On Memorial Day, we left after breakfast and headed home.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mama's Day

My dear sweet boys..
I think somehow they missed the memo on treating their mama extra "special" on this day. Nevertheless, they are my boys, I love them dearly..and it doesn't take a special day to make or break the fact that I get to be their mama.

It was high school graduation today as well, so Ben was gone for a bit this afternoon. In the evening, we had supper at Mom and Dad's with the rest of the family. was also Mitchell's birthday was a day of reasons to celebrate!

I took a video of the drive home from Mom and Dad's was simply comical.
All four boys were crying, very loud, SUPER was a summary of the day for sure, but man, it was funny.
Being a mama is not always easy, not always full of 'feeling' loved, it has tears (on both ends), but it is more rewarding than anything. I really can't believe we have FOUR boys...
they are beautiful and perfectly imperfect, and I wouldn't trade being their mama for the world.
So Happy Mother's Day!
And aren't those flowers and "boy" decor so sweet from Ben :)

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Isaac [4 months]

Isaac, you are just so sweet..and squishy..and lovable. 
You are FOUR months old...and growing daily!
I love your smiles, it makes your whole face light up. When you smile, you remind me of what Christian looked like, and when you're serious you remind me of Noah. But you are you..and that's how you should be! Most people that see the four of you boys say, "they all belong!" And you each do :)

Generally speaking, you are a happy baby, content with sitting in the bouncer seat or under your little play gym/mat. Sometimes, you feel like you need to be held and if I am in the middle of something I carry you around in this baby carrier...which you seem to enjoy :) It has become a lifesaver when it comes to taking you shopping with me!!

Some of your faces just crack me up...
the one on the left I feel like you are intently listening, as though you are a therapist just hanging onto every word....and the one on the right, you have your happy eyes!!

 You had your first Easter this past month! You looked so handsome. 

Your hair is growing, it stands straight up, but its just the softest light brown, chick-like hair. Jonah still loves to rub his cheek against your head, and say, "Isaac so sofffft." He loves you dearly, and can go from being the biggest stinker to his older brother to being ever so gentle with you, giving you kisses all over your face. 

You have the bluest clear and blue..that again reminds me of Noah. You have really begun recognizing where I am at..and have even cried if you can see me, but I'm not holding you (I love you too buddy). You startle fairly easy, (even very easy depending on the sound) poor lip quivers and then you let out a big ol' wail! 

Your auntie had a new baby girl cousin on April 27...Abriella Jean! You were cheering her on by wearing this shirt she bought you. 

You have been sticking your hands in your mouth and DROOLING like a faucet. But you don't just think its funny :) You also think "peek-a-boo" is funny, and pretty much anything if you aren't tired and you're being talked to! You are ticklish, especially if I "get" you with my mouth on your belly/chest. I love to hear your laugh!

You love your Daddy, and while I'm a work you get to hang out with him! Thankfully you drink from a bottle okay, otherwise that would make for one sad mama. When I come home, the first time I feed you, it seems as though you eat to make sure I don't leave for a little while :) You sure are a snuggly little guy, you like to be held...and we like to hold you!

You eat about every 3-4 hours during the day, and still wake up about 2-3 times at night. You go to bed around 8-8:30, I feed and rock you (because we both like that!). You have learned how to roll from your belly to back, so when you do that you wake up and if you're still tired you are NOT happy about it. If you are done sleeping anyway, I'll come in your room and you are just smiling so big and making the sweetest happy baby noises. 

You weigh around 17 pounds and I'm curious to see how long you are when we go to the doctor. You seem long to me, longer than the other boys were, but we'll see. You're wearing 6 month, some even 9 month outfits and size 2 diapers. I'm so grateful you are growing and healthy...a little bit sad, just because I know its happening all too quickly!

I'm excited to get to know your personality the more and more you grow. You are pretty easy cry if you are startled, are super tired, or if you just want your mama. All your brothers love you, and you respond to each of them with the biggest smile if they talk to you! Jonah by far shows the most affection, and somehow you don't seem to mind the extreme smothering and kisses!

 Isaac Jesse, you are loved. I pray you continue to be healthy and bring us so much joy!!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Muddy Days

We've had some rainy days, which means a pretty great thing to these three boys...

I didn't get a picture of the "worst" of it, but it definitely needed a hose down!