Thursday, July 28, 2016

Final family times

Wednesday evening, we all got together for a pizza pool party at Mom and Dad's. 
It was to celebrate Ava's 11th birthday.

The next evening, we had supper at Mom and Dad's again....
this time Frog-More Stew, so good!

It had been a nice day, and then after supper these amazing clouds rolled in.

Followed by a brief rain storm, and a lovely double rainbow!

And Jonah got a belated Christmas present from Tim and Carissa.
It was made by Uncle Tim...and has all kinds of cool things that he is allowed to get his hands on! 
All three of the boys actually thought this was pretty cool.

 The matching three...its hard to miss them..they were bright!

Until next time, Gredlers....we've had a fun time while you were here!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Exploration Place

On Wednesday, we went to the Exploration Place together...with a picnic lunch before going in.

 Between Carissa and my memberships to science museum, and a couple of guests passes I had...I think it was $6 or something crazy for the 15 of us to get in! We had quite the crew.

Jace and Noah on the musical teeter totter.

Maddox spent some time in this area...the brain teaser section :)

The big kids had fun playing in the multi-level castle, while Eliana and Jonah played in the little kid area. Then we moved on to the exhibit, which was dinosaurs...some of which sounded and moved as if they were real.

We took turns getting into the "Tornado"!

So many different options to make the water path go...they all liked this.

The airplane area was a hit as well. Various simulators, and the hands on room that had a variety of neat science-y things to explore (there was a man that helped show the demonstrations), and the wooden building sticks. Mom was as bad as a child with the temptation to knock down a GIANT tower someone had built and left. 

Noah loves Baby Eliana...and Baby Eliana loves Noah's glasses :)

Well, that was fun guys!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Final 40th Celebration!!

We had one final celebration for Mom and Dad's anniversary Sunday evening.
With just a couple of their friends invited, we had supper and a little evening entertainment that took some pre-planning on Saturday.

The four of us siblings, recreated one of the home videos we had done for them about 25 years ago. I think it was safe to say, it was at least equally entertaining in the remaking of it was to watch it later with everyone.

Watching the video later...
And we also watched a video of their wedding day photos, with the audio (and subtitles) from their wedding in the background. Carissa and I had quite the time deciding what the correct wordage was on the audio. When we listened with BOTH headphones in, instead of thinking we'd each listen to an ear made a HUGE difference!!

We had a tasty supper;
smoked ribs, potato salad, dinner rolls, beans, lettuce salad.

 Sheet cake and a watermelon fruit cake for dessert!

Jonah, Eliana, and Kade were having their own fun...oh they were being so cute.

Ahhhh.....well, I'd say there was some memorable celebrating for their 40th anniversary...and it started back in April with our Mexico trip!! 
Glad we have a reason to celebrate, glad for the both of them, and very glad they have had 40 years together!!
Congratulations Mom and Dad :)

Christian #7

We had a pre-birthday celebration for Christian with the Sweigart family.
It was very low key, as he is still not back to "normal" from the tonsillectomy. 
Got some Papa John's pizza, jello, fruit, chips...and angel food cake with strawberries/ice cream for the birthday boy! (He ate the jello..and maybe a bite of cake.)

Sheer delight ripping into the Lego present from Grandpa and Grandma!

Happy (early) 7th Birthday Christian Mitchell!!!
You are such a gift to us, and we are blessed to have you in our family...
hoping that on your actual birthday you feel better and we can REALLY celebrate!!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Airport Restaurant [40 Years Celebration]

With Mom and Dad's 40th anniversary next month, we had a bit of celebrating to do...especially with Carissa & Tim's family here!

Saturday evening, we told Mom and Dad we were going to go somewhere for supper...
and they got to drive this youthful ride (thanks to Mitch). Oh to be young and in love :)

We ate at Stearman's...the little airport restaurant in Benton. It was exceptionally warm..which was not ideal for our reserved outdoor dining. Other than that, the food was good...and the kids had a playground to play on right there while they were waiting and after they were done eating!

Sweaty hair and rosy cheeks...whew, its hot.

Watching the planes take off and come in.

The lovely couple....Happy 40 Years, and many more!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I can breathe

One week ago, we met with the ENT to see what he thought about Christian's snoring, 'unrested-ness' after a full night "sleep", and pausing during sleep. He took one look in his mouth, "those are substantial," and was then discussing what it would take for him to take out his tonsils and adenoids. 

So one week later, we went in very early in the morning to get his tonsils out!
He seemed very calm about the whole thing, he "knew" he wouldn't feel it, and it wouldn't take too long.

Even if he was mama heart was not brave on the inside. 
Seeing my little boy, dressed in a gown...just made him seem so little. I knew it is a common procedure, but he's still my boy!

He did very well. After surgery, when he was just waking up, he looked at me with his post surgery eyes, and said in his very post surgery voice, "I can breathe better." Oh, sweet Christian, it brought tears to my eyes to hear you say that. Praise Jesus that the surgery went well, and it was obviously necessary!

Lots of resting, and encouraging cold drinks for the next SEVERAL (10) days.
Gatorade, jello, chocolate pudding, Danimal yogurt smoothie....repeat. He also got around the clock medicine to help with the soreness.

He really did so well, so brave! And I am so glad he can breathe!!