Wednesday, September 30, 2015


These boys I have are pretty near and dear to my heart...
these are just a variety of pictures of the brothers in the last couple months.

We got a new bike trailer/jogging stroller...and

At Meet the Swathers...Christian was pretty intent on watching the tennis.

Classic case of the undie hats...comboed with the scarve wrap around the head. Looking real nice boys.

They all three love going to the library.

Noah reee-allly wanted to hold Jonah on this particular morning.
He hasn't done that too much as he's gotten older and more mobile...and it proved to be quite the task!

Oh they are silly. 
Daddy and the boys make a mean smoothie, using all the fruit left from this and that.

They recently all play on the trampoline together...lots and lots of laughter.

They all LOVE LOVE LOVE their Daddy.


Monday, September 21, 2015

Jonah [11 months]

Jonah..goodness, these eleven months have flown by.
My baby, you are growing up so fast.
You are a chill little guy. 
Christian likes to give you a ride in the trailer of the tuffy trike at Grandpa and Grandma's house...and you are happy to oblige.

You are into EVERYTHING. 
Anything left on the floor that is small enough to enter your mouth (obviously), paper, leaves, bug trap..anything! I feel like I am vacuuming and/or sweeping the floor OFTEN.
You can certainly but pretty cute while you discover new things...those little hands, legs, and reeee-aching toes! So cute.

 You have gotten VERY good at climbing, with little to no fear! 
Goodness, you are so proud of yourself.
Sometimes, you don't choose the easiest route, but if it involves take it!

You like to be quite the "helper"...if I try to get a project started, you are very eager to find out a way to be apart of it. Here, you were helping make something for your newest soon to be baby girl cousin!
 You have very grabby hands!

You love to be held, especially while you are teething. A couple of days, I've just used the baby carrier around the house, so I can get a few other things done at the same time. You have four teeth, but it seems as though several others are on the brink of poking through.
You are quite good at playing "catch" with a ball. Your smile when you throw it is so get so proud! I find it especially ironic that you can turn very serious if I try and get a picture of this!

You are so proud to get to play with your big brothers. You are in the beginning stages of 'needing' to keep up with them!

My dear Jonah, here are a few things that are significant for this past month: 
You love to eat meat; chicken, beef, salmon, summer sausage.
You love to sleep with your blue blanket, you bury your head against it when you are tired and snuggle in.
You say mama (mostly when you are tired and/or sad), dada-dada-dada (its up for debate whether its truly because he is talking about Daddy or not), and various mocking sounds...a growl sound that you are very good at copying. You are especially loud in the morning, just jabbering away in your crib...own very own wake up call. 
Your eyes are beginning to change color (I remember Christian's turning around this time too.)..they are now a brownish grey on the inner part, and a hazy blue grey on the outside. I'm guessing they will turn brown like Christian and Daddy.
You are wearing 9-12 month clothing, you just seem to be filling things are getting taller!
I love to smooch your cheeks. 
I love listening to you try to sing when you are sung to. 
I love when you wave goodnight to Daddy and your brothers (you wave much more often when saying 'hi' and 'bye'). 
We ALL love you so much.
Happy Eleven Months, Jonah!

Chicken Escape

Noah likes the chickens. 
I don't know as if they have the same feeling back to him. He is fearless of them, and when he decides he wants to pet one, he will chase it around the whole yard until one of them give up or he gets distracted with something else. 
Well, this fine morning, he decided to go "check" on the chickens. No harm in that. Until, he opens up their door...and they are eager to venture around the yard for quite some time! I was planning on being ahead of schedule and get over to my Mom's so we could make applesauce. OVER AN HOUR LATER I AM STILL TRYING TO GET THE STINKIN CHICKENS BACK IN THEIR HOUSE!! I am certain I looked ridiculous...the more I tried, the more they played me. They are not usually that difficult. At one point, I just stopped and recorded, because...well you watch and maybe it will entertain you.

I should add, I ended up calling my MOM to see if she could come help get them back she is the "chicken whisperer" (she can sound just like a chicken)...I won't put that video on here. I love her, and she may not love me sharing that. Anyways, it didn't work. So I had to wait until Christian got out of school at noon, and HE truly does have the touch, along with the watermelon rinds I brought them. Ugh! How ridiculous.

Noah [a much needed update]

Noah, you have changed so much in the last couple months.
You are quickly approaching the ripe old age of three, and it is showing! So before that happens, I want to capture you still as the two-year-old that you are...

Sleepy boy, right after you wake up from your nap you are usually pretty snuggly. This is the only time that you don't have your glasses on..right before you go to sleep, and right after you wake up. It's amazing how much your glasses are apart of you, and without them it seems so odd. Never would have thought I would be able to say that when we first found out you needed them :)

You play, and you play hard.
You do very well when you can play on your own, you march to the beat of your own drum. I love hearing you talk to your toys, and make up things. You love to play outside; dirt, tricycle, swing, balls, and trampoline are some of your favorite. You are starting to get quite opinionated on what you believe you should be allowed to do. Your independent self is gaining daily!

 At the are such a ham. Regardless of where I take you..there is a 99% chance someone will comment about you or your glasses. They must a conversation piece. You are not phased one way or another by the comments. Actually, as a rule you are surprisingly shy to most people you don't know. It doesn't match your go-getter personality with most everything else. But a good way to get you to stay real close to me is having a person come up and start talking to you that you don't know. Not always a bad thing..until it's someone that you should know and just play shy anyway.

Since Christian has started school, you and Jonah and I have a little more time to do our own thing. Not that Christian is a huge hinderance, but it is a different feel playing with only toddlers. 
"Keen my hands!! They are messy!" (Shaving cream and food coloring...using unused supplies from work to play with them)

You are beginning to have a preference on your clothing. You pick out what shoes you wear usually. And if given the chance you like to wear your "grease gun shirt"...which is really your "Greece" shirt that Grandpa and Grandma gave you last summer. I have no idea where you heard the term 'grease gun'..but it is pretty funny how you are convinced this is what that shirt is called. You don't mind entertaining yourself in all kinds of ways, utilizing Jonah's toys/crib are definitely not out of the question as far as you're concerned. 

Watching Christian go off to school on the bus. You have been surprisingly okay with him going to school, and you having to stay with me at home. If you walk out to the end of the driveway with me to send him off, you are just SO pleased with getting to wave at the bus give you  giddy giggle, it is just so funny.

I love to hear you sing church songs as you play. You have recently picked up on MANY songs, and will sing them throughout the day. You get to go to Sunday School now too...and love to hear the story (I know as I have helped several Sunday's in your classroom!). If I start a song, just by humming a tune while I'm in the kitchen, you will finish it..or correct me if I sing a wrong word.

 Inside you love to color, read books (you would be read to for hours!), build Legos, and put together puzzles. You are crazy good at putting puzzles together. I don't know how you can find the right piece that is in the mix of many others on the first try. This puzzle is the 100-piece Chuggington puzzle that you like to put together. Usually with this one, the only help I give is flipping the pieces over and maybe a piece here and there when you say, "You do the puzzle with me?"

You are happy MOST of the time. You have a sweet smile, a very giddy giggle, and an underlying orneriness that is so obvious about 30 seconds before you do whatever it is...given away by your face. 

You are smart..and are a couple steps ahead of my game on certain areas...ah-hmm, potty training.
I try and make it sound fun, and awesome, and a big-boy thing to do. And I KNOW you CAN do it..and that you are just doing things are your own terms. Which I will deal with..but I will still try my ways along with it. The one day I was saying my shpiel,  and you looked me dead in the eye and said, "I not go poop in the potty. I go poop in my diaper. Change me." Smart...and SASSY! Ugh! You may be encouraged to be smart..but not that latter part. We don't need to you to start off at full speed.

One more brief story...
Riding home from the grocery store, you were in the back seat (that is a bench seat) with Jonah next to you. I was singing in the front seat, and you said, "That's nice."
Thinking you were referring to me singing, I replied, "thank you."
A few seconds, you say, "That IS nice!"
I knew then you were not talking about me...and asked what you meant.
"I put my Crocs on Jonah's face, that IS nice.
I said, "No, that's not nice. Don't do that anymore. Shoes do not go on anybody's face."
His reply, with his ornery little face, "That IS funny! Ha-ha (he actually made the ha ha sound very exaggerated)...I will laugh about it!"
I said, "Noah, it really is not funny. That is not kind."
He waited a little bit, and then tilted his head to the side with a grin and said quieter, "I DO think it is a little-bit funny."

Your vocabulary and way of reasoning is the biggest change in the last month. You are bringing up things that I never would've thought you could remember, from months ago! There are countless things you say...and I'm sure there are many more to come.

You are such a funny, playful, fun-loving, little boy, Noah. You bring so much joy to our family.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Kansas City: Lego fun

We have been planning a fun trip to Kansas City since the beginning of summer..mainly to visit the Lego Discovery Center.

We left after Ben got off work on Friday, and stayed at a Garden Inn outside of KC. We made a very brief run to IKEA..and hour prior to closing time on a Friday night, we had the store practically to ourselves! The hotel was quite nice, Jonah was the only culprit to blame for an unrestful night...but oh well I guess. His little head popping over the pack-n-play to see who was all in the room...and me trying to hide under the covers to make him just lay back down and go to sleep is a memory I won't forget.

In the morning, Christian was p-r-e-t-t-y excited about the breakfast. He said, "WHAT? I love their yogurt here! And I love the muffin, and the bacon...oh, and the apple juice." For not being a food lover, I found it especially funny how he verbalized how good it was. It was pretty good, and you could order whatever you wanted, it was all included. (Mitch is helpful in getting a good hotel experience.)

Ben, Christian, and Noah swam for a bit after breakfast while Jonah took a nap.

Oh, I cannot tell you how excited Christian was the whole way there.
Outside the door of Lego Land. Priceless.

The fun inside...
Ben, Christian, and Noah were all very intrigued. Jonah fell asleep on me, and I observed the Lego madness. There was one ride Christian and I went on,  a designated play area/maze for Christian's age and older, and plenty of Lego building areas to try out. 

He was completely engulfed in creating the cars to test on the mini track.

The room with the replicas of Kansas City sites was pretty amazing. many Legos..and so accurate!

Afterwards, we walked around Crowne Center as they were having a chalk walk of artwork on the sidewalk. A very large red Crayola crayon was walking around, and despite the picture of them looking into the sun, they were giddy excited about standing next to a HUGE crayon.

Then we went to Fritz's...a restaurant where a toy train delivered our food. It was an experience...complete with conductor hats!

 I have to include this one picture of Jonah (quite the facial expression!) to prove he really was along with us. I didn't think his outfit looked overly feminine, but he was called a girl at least a couple times. Hmm, I guess they thought he was beautiful. I'll take it as a compliment.
We walked through the Hallmark Visitors Center...I remember going with my family a VERY LONG time ago (20 years maybe?). They had the same bow making machine...push the button, and it makes a bow that you can stick on the outside of a present. It was free and a short little self-tour that everyone was intrigued by.

We came back home late afternoon. It was a good trip with special memories.