Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Year: 2012 [Christmas letter]

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We've had a good year...make that a great one!
A few trips, a few changes, the best for last...a new family member!!

We had a pretty mild winter, and were able to play outside much of it without bundling up. Regardless, we were all very excited to get away to the beach in Mexico! My parents took all of us in February and we had a WONDERFUL time. You can see more pictures from that here, and here, and here, AND here! Christian still talks about Mexico and the airplane ride...how we should just go to the airport so we can go to Mexico. Ahh, if only it were that easy, we would all go frequently!

Starting in the spring, Ben started on a big project...finishing the basement! It started out looking like this. Over spring break, Ben's dad and brother came to help frame out the walls and put in the support beam. Throughout the summer the basement was Ben's "job"..and by the time the school year started, he had finished what was intended to be complete (all but the bathroom).

Ben changed schools this year...he went from teaching first grade to teaching high school spanish in McPherson. He has been teaching Christian some Spanish, and its especially funny to hear him talk to me in spanish and try to then "teach" me. He can say alot of the "Green Eggs in Ham" book in Spanish...quite entertaining to hear.

Speaking of Christian...he is an active 3 year old and it is amazing how much he has changed over the last year. He always has something to say. His vocabulary and the way in which and when he says things has developed so much from earlier in the year. Quite often I find myself saying to Ben, "what...how old is this guy anyway??" We love him so much, and he keeps our household quite lively in both energy and conversation. He spends alot of time with trains, trucks, cars, blocks, books, or some kind of hook/string to play while indoors...and pretty much anything is exciting and fun to play with while outside!

This summer we went to MN for a Birky reunion and extended it for a couple days for a little vacation of our own. We had a good time away. A couple weeks later we went to the Hershberger reunion, which was only an hour and half away...also a good time. We spent alot of time outside; in the pool, in the garden, and later picking lots of apples.

This fall we added Noah Benjamin to our family...and he's just the perfect little addition! He's already over a month old. Our lives have definitely changed, but its amazing how quickly it feels as though he has always been apart of us. It's so fun to have a new life to celebrate this Christmas :)

We look forward to celebrating with both of our families around Christmas. We have so much to be thankful for...and feel blessed to have our family, health, and our home...as well as much more. Most of all we are grateful for the gift of JESUS..the best gift of all.

Merry Christmas to you all...

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