Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas [extended Hershberger clan]

 Our first Christmas gathering this season was in Harper at Tim & Faith's for the extended Hershberger family gathering.

Prior to leaving..I had to take a picture of Noah.

Faith prepared the food....steak, green beans, mashed potatoes, several salads, and DELICIOUS bread. For dessert there was red velvet cake or lemon mousse (I tried a bite of Ben' was GOOD!).
Dan & Marla's family and Laura & Brent were not able to come...but this is the rest of the family.

 After eating, our very own mini Santa handed out the gifts. He did such a good job!
I got a necklace from the other is an orange blossom dipped in gold, with 2 pearls (my birthstone) that signify my two boys! So thoughtful....I love it.

On the way home, it was supper time and conveniently there is a Freddy's on the way. I told Ben I should market Christian to be on an advertisement for their custard :) Maybe we could just get free Freddy's for life, instead of payment. I'll get right on that.

This is his reaction to my comment above..."you're ridiculous!" is probably what he said.

Before going home, we stopped in at my parents house because my Grandpa & Grandma Sweigart were there. Noah wasn't very pleased by this point in the we didn't stay too long. At least we were able to get a couple pictures with him meeting them for the first time. 

 The four of us, on our first Christmas all together!

Noah was held by both his Great Grandma's today...

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the brokaws said...

um, yes....those freddy's pictures are priceless and i agree he would make a great ad for the place! and i am wishing i could eat some freddy's food right now!