Saturday, March 17, 2012

the Christian style

You are a mama turtle, what's your name?

I make up some kind of T Tally or something.

"Oh hi Tally!" (said in a very odd throaty sound that makes his "pretend" voice)

I say, "hi baby turtle, what's your name?"

In all seriousness, he replies..."uhhh, I don't know."

To make the play continue since his face looks slightly forlorn from not knowing what his name is, I say, "oh is your name Timmy, the tiny turtle?"

"Yes, yes, it is Timmy." (in the same throaty voice)

This is the kind of stuff he does at any given time throughout the day, using ANY kind of animal or object or food item! Kids are funny, I tell ya, genuinely good stuff that never gets me anyway!


Lately, we've watched the movie Nemo a few times. It does NOT take this child long to remember phrases and start quoting lines. There are many lines, that he will say sometimes, and then say, "Dory says that." It's not that him remembering movies is the greatest thing ever, but how he quotes it is pretty funny. Anyway, that was a side note...the other morning I was sitting at the dining room table and he comes through the bathroom with one of his semi trucks and says, "I better put the semi truck down the toilet so he can find his daddy." YIKES! Yes, that is kind of how Nemo ends up finding his Daddy in the movie...but that had to be quickly taught that is ONLY in Nemo, never do we put ANYTHING down the potty to flush!!


"I want somethin' else."
"I just need....."
"Wait a minute."
"That's exactly right!"
"I serious-y need it."
"LISTEN! Listen to me." (We've had to have a serious discussion about this one. The one morning he hadn't even said anything and then started with this, "LISTEN" business including using his hands to move my face to look at him. I will tell him to listen to me..but I've never included the forced face look...he was getting a bit too bossy..and that phrase is no longer to be used!)


He had climbed on the window ledge in the living room, and then jumped off...but kind of landed on his head. When he didn't act like he was affected whatsoever, Ben said, "Do you feel alright?" He said back in all seriousness, "I don't think I'm alright, you better kiss it."


I was getting ready to leave the house the other day, and was just quickly putting my hair in a ponytail. He often will watch me get ready, or at least pause in the bathroom doorway while doing his laps around the house to check in on me. That morning he was standing next to me and said, "When you're done winding your hair up, do you want to use the hot thing??" (He was referencing to the straighter that he has been told is VERY hot, and he is NEVER to touch)


With all the basketball games going on, on TV he's done his fair share of watching some of these games. Kansas played the other night, prior to the NCAA tournament games, and they lost. The coach had his hands holding his face shortly before they lost the game..and Christian starts fake crying, "boo-hoooo, boo-hooo." Ben looked over to see what he was doing this for, and he asked Christian, "why are you fake crying?" His response, "that man is SOO sad."

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