Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh he's GOOD...

Here's an update on what Ben has been doing this summer...
he's been busy...
in the basement!

It started out something like this in the beginning (click the links to see more pictures).
Ben nearly gutted everything down there, and started this spring at redoing the whole basement. Over spring break Ben's dad and brother helped frame and put up the support beams. 

Before the framing

Framing complete...

Insulation well as ALOT of caulking around virtually everything! I'm not sure how many boxes of caulk he bought..but it was alot.

Next, was the sheetrock. Oh my...the lovely sheetrock. 
From the process of bringing it making its way to the hanging it, let's just say 12' pieces of sheetrock are not maybe ideal, unless you have several manly men dealing with it. BUT, in our case, I had ONE very manly man and me (and the growing baby inside to help with my strength!). After several trips of carrying them down...a caved, and called for rescue back up..Dad and Carissa. 
Bottom line, the sheetrock was ready to be hung..and an important lesson learned, get the smaller sized pieces if there is ever a project like this again. And thanks to our friend Justin, for letting us borrow several handy tools for making the process go smoother!

And there it goes...

Ready to be primed/painted...

Ben borrowed a texture sprayer thing from his friend Matt, to finish the ceiling. That was maybe not the  smoothest process to get started...but once he got going, it turned out really pretty good.

Then onto the painting...something I can actually help with.

Then we scrubbed the floors to get it ready for the carpet. There was maybe a little bit of dust and dirt from all the sheetrock!

Bedroom #1 (formerly known as the "sunday school room")

Bedroom #2 (formerly the room with the blue shag carpet)

The carpet men came to lay the carpet....whoo-hoo!!!

It felt so good to run on..Christian tested it out. He loved running laps!!

Then he put up the trim, baseboards, and doors. It really makes it look complete.

Lastly, I painted the cement wall with paint that I mixed to make it chalk-friendly. 

And to "cure" it, the whole thing had to be covered with chalk, and then wiped we had fun!

This is the area under the stairs..we call it Christian's "store"..and he offers various items through his window that is open to the living area. 

These are the pictures as of yet..the walls need some accessorizing and the bathroom will hopefully be completed sometime this winter.

I'm quite proud of Ben...he's made his summer "job" quite worth while in my opinion!

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