Friday, August 31, 2012

3 years meets Mr Personality

Well Christian is officially 3 years old, and don't worry...he'll let you know one way or another.

My favorite way, is how he will hold up 3 fingers (he's tried three different ways to hold up fingers ..but has stuck with this way now for awhile) and say "I'm three!" Sometimes this is accompanied by, "but I'm three, I'm big now!" 
And if you ask his name, it is not just Christian, it is, "Christian Mitchell 'Hursh-burg-ar'"

My not-so-favorite way of how he lets it known that he's three is by behavior...I'm thinking this was a change from the DAY he turned three! We spend lots of time talking about obeying, listening, bossyness (avoiding being Bossy Britches), and getting rid of the grouchy bug. He is quite dramatic with his ways these days..oh my. Whew. This is a whole new part of the parenting role. 
I haven't decided if it's a good or bad thing that he often knows right away just what he is doing...and now he'll say, "I am being obedient. I don't need a consequence." He tries to be quite the little negotiator sometimes! Bedtime and leaving toys behind are the biggest areas of "negotiation" in your mind anyway.

On the other hand, he is quite the little ham. It's not really any secret he loves music and singing. He picks up on the words SO FAST it seems. At church, he knows alot of the songs we sing, and the other Sunday we sang "Rain Down"...oh my, he sang his little heart out! Many of the people in the section we sat in came up to him or us afterwards and said how they appreciated his singing :) The other day at lunch, he was singing, "And the and by...we shall meet on that beautiful shore...". 


Favorite song: Jesus Loves Me
Favorite Food: Spaghetti (as proven by amount eaten) but he says Hamburger
Favorite color: blue...and green
Favorite dessert: Oreos (so he says)
Favorite toy: trains (all of them!)
Favorite project: painting
Favorite DVD: Larry Boy

He is also more and more interested in "baby brol'er". His words and comments are so sweet.

"How you doing in there baby brol'er?"
"I will hold him SOOOO gently!" (he'll demonstrate with both hands right in front of him moving side to side as if he will be the size of an extra tennis ball)
"He is dancin' in there!!"
and it goes on and on...

You also really like to be outside, usually finding a stick within seconds of being out there that you just HAVE to have.

You love to read books. We go to the library about every week and check out 5 books.

You love to build and play with your train tracks...although you are still quite particular about how they need to go, so playing WITH you isn't so much fun right now.

You have a memory like none other. If you see something or are told a story from will remember the finest detail the next time you see or hear anything that triggers that memory. This is getting to be harder for me to keep track of...because you are often right, and I can't remember! You definitely identify logos off of restaurants and stores from the smallest things. And you STILL talk about our Mexico trip and how we need to pack to go to Mexico on the airplane again! 

If a toy has eyes, he is able to "talk". If it doesn't it is absolutely ridiculous if we try to pretend that they can talk. You will remind us, "that toy is not real...he cannot talk."

A single string can be used for entertainment for a VERY long time with you. You wrap it around a variety of toys or objects and then you make them fly. It is amazing what a string can do!

You like to pray before meals...your prayer includes "thank you for Grandpa and Grandma, and Grandpa and Grandma H, and mama, and daddy, and then WHATEVER is in sight of your vision of food...and then it ventures off to the items at the table..." You can be a little lengthy and sometimes need to be reminded how we pray nicely and not silly. So when you do a nice job, you end with, "yeah, that was a nice prayer!"

You are usually QUITE social whenever we go somewhere. You will tell people hi, and then proceed to tell them a story, or ask them a question. At this rate, you will be one of those people that won't know a WILL just get to know them one way or another!
***however, there have been a couple times now that you will pre-warn us that you are "going to be shy" when we go to a particular place***

Phrases he says that just crack me up....

"This is making me nervous.
 (used when he's trying to play with his trains very carefully so they don't fall off the tracks)

"UGH!! This is driving me craa-zy!"
(when his toys are not doing what he thinks

"Oh, yeah, you're right. You're absolutely right!"

"Sure you can! You CAN do ___." 
(if he is needing something that he can't quite do himself)

"Oh, sorry about that. Sorry about that ____(insert name here)." 
(and until that person acknowledges his statement, he will repeat this until they say something!)

"Don't worry mama. Don't worry. I won't pee in my diaper. I just drank a 'liiiiiittle" bit of water. I will stay dry." 
(he has been staying dry all night for several nights he is maybe almost all the way potty trained, we'll see.)

"God will keep you safe mama, don't worry." 
(I'm not quite sure why he thinks I'm worried. But this particularly cracks me up, because he tells me this when he is laying down for his nap or if he is telling himself that :) )

"You are a 'twurp'!" 
(said to Mitchell...because that's what Mitchell calls him...they have quite the banter back and forth with this. It usually ends with "we are both twurps!") 

"Oh, hi sir." 
(He has recently learned what a sir and a ma'am are...its hilarious to hear him say this."

My very favorite thing you still say is my name as Mama. I'm sure this will change into Mom very soon which is fine...but it still sounds so sweet and innocent when you say mama.

You are growing up all too fast Christian..and I love you very much...personality and all!

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