Thursday, May 31, 2012

Christian...more material

When going down for a nap..he NEEDS both his green and brown blanket.
He likes them to be "open wide".
I said, would you like one in between your legs.
"Sure, that would be comfortable."


"Good morning Christian, did you sleep so good?"
"Yeah, I did."
"What did you dream about?"
"Ahhh, trains." And then he broke out in this song...
"Here comes the Bible train, coming round the bend..choo choo
I know the engineer he's my special friend...choo choo
**Don't you hear the heaven that past along the way...choo choo
All aboard we're leaving, so get on board today...chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga.."

(Close to the real words..but he's own rendition)
**Destination's heaven, with stops along the way.


While eating his breakfast he looks up and says,
"The lizard's won't go away!!" (said with a big smiling face)
"Are you going potty?"
"No, I'm just 'cheesing' (teasing)".

On his pull-ups there are characters that go away when they get wet..on some of them it is lizards.


"Dry my hands off." (When in all actuality he is asking for them to be washed.)


The words "kind of" are said QUITE a bit.
When asking a question...he will say, "Well, I just kind of.....(some explanation)."
Or if he is wanting something..he will say, "Well, I kind of need...(usually some kind of sweet treat)."
Used to describe something..he will say, "It is kind of a....(many descriptive words all together..such as 'very, huge, big, HUGE truck')
When answering for what he believes someones response to be..he will say..."You kind of do...or...I think he kind of does."


"This is making me fus-trated!"

"Oh rats!"

"Those stinkin' birds (or moths..or bugs)" .....this one may or may not have a direct correlation to what I say to the birds that repeatedly build a nest on our front porch light..or the moths when they get inside..or the bugs that bite my legs.

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