Friday, July 27, 2012

Hershberger Reunion

The Hershberger Reunion (the extended Hershberger family) was held in Junction City, KS this year...
which is only an hour and 15 minutes away from here. It was at a 4H camp site, which was actually quite impressive. The rooms were very accommodating, with a big meeting area central to all the rooms...yet somehow when I laid down with Christian in the late evening it was soundproof to those that were still up. 

We walked a little bit of a trail to eat our meals...the food was less than desirable...but other than that, no complaints. We had various family entertainment auction, a talent show, singing, family feud, and other games. The pictures below were taken by one of the family members..but when I downloaded them they got REALLY tiny...maybe you can still see them a little.

1. Christian singing in the talents show (I'll try and upload a video of was of I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N)

2. The Howard Hershberger family (the ones present anyway)
3. Ken dressing up as Julia part of the talent show (he was quite entertaining that evening in a variety of talents)
4. Christian and his cake lips...cake for one of the 2nd generation family member's 25th wedding anniversary
5. The 3rd generation picture...that would include Ben

This is a picture of the 4th generation that was present...Christian was so sure about Levi (the baby next to him) as he was a little noisy during this picture.

Phil and Diana during the talent show; Diana reading the Bible story of Jesus calming the storm while Phil drew a picture of the story.

Levi, and his amazing push up talent! This was too crazy, I think he was trying to learn to crawl, but instead he would get up on his tippy toes and do a push up for quite awhile!

Everyone meeting for a group meeting of some kind.

Christian playing with Uncle Sam

There was also a HUGE pool outside that we swam in..and it was actually quite cool because it was fed by the local springs. The three of us were the only ones in there for awhile, so I asked if Christian could jump off the diving board (obviously we were in the water to catch him).  I don't have pictures of because both Ben and I were involved in that! He did this NUMEROUS times. Needless to say he was mighty proud of this and talked about it for quite sometime how "I AM BIG!!! I jumped off the diving board!!"

We enjoyed the reunion, and now I can put a face with names I have heard but never seen before!

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