Monday, December 10, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

We've been getting things up and ready for the big event at the end of the month..

Christian is definitely more excited and involved with the whole idea of Christmas this year.
He helped Ben put the tree up and helped me with the decorations.

He also decorated his own tree...

Ben and Christian put up the lights outside.
Christian's comment to Christmas lights on people's houses...."Whoa, I'm so EM-PRESSED!!!"
We drove around town one evening, and he got a kick out of looking at all the lights. In a week we're going with some friends in Wichita to look at Christmas lights...I can only imagine his excitement (in addition to riding in a little bus...oh my!!!)

We've also done various Christmas "projects"...
Santa ornament, finger paint candy canes, daily advent with the "Jesus Storybook Bible", playing with the fisher price nativity, opening a gift (I wrapped all the Christmas books we had, and had bought 2 new ones) in the evening..only when he hasn't asked MANY times and its not too late, coloring on the easel and the chalkboard wall with Christmasy things, and making/playing with a felt tree on the wall.

I think my favorite of the things we've done in preparation for Christmas has been the advent. He's at such a fun age, where he is very captivated by stories..and to have him interested in the Bible stories is even more fun to see!

There is another little person that makes this holiday season so fun for us...
I love to watch him like this, so peaceful.
Christian asks if baby Jesus is like Noah...I guess if there were a play or something, Noah would make a pretty good baby Jesus :) 

He got his first ornament from Grandma...

It's blurry, but I still like it...

Here's my little reindeer boy all wide-eyed!!!
[5 weeks old]

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