Monday, November 26, 2012

Noah [one month]

Noah you are already one month old today!!
It's amazing how fast you have grown.
You started at 6 lb 6 oz...and are now 9 lb 3 oz.
You have grown out of many of your newborn outfits (not quite all), and are almost big enough for your 0-3 month clothes.

[3 weeks old]

You are wearing mostly size 1 diapers (mostly...every now and then we find a NB size and it still works!)
You are eating every 2-3 hours...very occasionally you have gone closer to 4 hours (one of those times during the night!!)
You sleep in your crib in your room..which is about 5 steps away from my side of the bed in our room.
When you are are really calm. When you are let the whole house know it, and it can happen REAL fast! Thankfully, 98% of the time you are really calm.
You love your bath time, it makes you wake up for a quite some we generally do this in the evening.

[4 weeks old]

You are awake almost everyday around 9:30-10 for about an hour (you are other times throughout the day, that's just the most consistent time right now).
You love to be held..and we LOVE to hold you!
You pee almost every time you get your diaper changed...not too worry, I have my method down that does not require an unnecessary outfit change or 2 new diapers.
I can't figure out who you look definitely have different eyes and various features than your brother..I guess you are just you!!

[3 weeks old]

We love you so much Noah..
you have made a perfect addition to our family!

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