Friday, December 21, 2012

Holly Jolly

A few glimpses of the past few weeks from Christian's standpoint...

1. One of the MANY sayings from songs he has heard.
He sings bits and pieces of Christmas songs alot!! Oh come let us adore Him and Joy to the World are also big hits. He just repeats the parts he knows.

2. He has thoroughly enjoyed being able to wear mittens and hats.

3. He has continued to entertain himself more, both due to staying inside more and my need to also take care of Noah.

4. He got to open up presents periodically when he had behaved well enough to earn it. "Presents" 
= rewrapped Christmas books that we already had, he just didn't remember them from last year.

5. Playing with the felt tree..and other various "projects".

6. Seeing Santa at the Botanical Gardens..while walking through and seeing all the luminaries. Amazing lights! 

7. Singing in the Christmas program at church. Oh boy...did he sing!
"Away in a Manger", "Christmas Bells",  "Happy Birthday Jesus", "Come Let us Worship"

If you can handle the extreme is a video of him singing. Perhaps just close your eyes, and listen, for the most part the "voice" you hear is Christian's.

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