Monday, December 24, 2012

Our Family Christmas

I love to look at Christmas trees when its night...and everything but the tree is lit...and its quiet.
It's just so...ahhhhh.

See...not near the feel when its daylight...but still Christmasy all the same!

We celebrated our Christmas on Christmas Eve morning. 
I got things around for later that day while Ben and Christian cleaned up downstairs before we could have "Christmas". Wow, what a little trooper...he was SO excited! 
And then we needed to take a few pictures, while Noah was still awake.

The boys

Noah's first Christmas...he wasn't too impressed. 
He enjoyed the majority of it in his crib....sleeping peacefully!

Christian showing his "Super Christian" cape...I made him.

And we saved these precious gifts for last. Leading up to Christmas, whenever anyone would ask Christian what he wanted, he would respond, "A Lightning (McQueen) monster truck and a Mater monster truck." Well, they don't even make those, but Ben really wanted to be crafty and "make" them for him. Too bad I don't have a picture of Elf Ben at took him a few episodes of Parenthood to get them together. We had bought two toy monster trucks, and then the same with the other cars...and he took off the tops and screwed and glued the ones on. I told him, 

Opening one of the monster trucks....priceless reaction.

And good thing we saved them for last...because he didn't want to put them down.

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the brokaws said...

what a crafty mama and daddy he has...lucky little guy! and i'm liking the window hanging (a barn purchase?) and the chevron pillows!