Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I can breathe

One week ago, we met with the ENT to see what he thought about Christian's snoring, 'unrested-ness' after a full night "sleep", and pausing during sleep. He took one look in his mouth, "those are substantial," and was then discussing what it would take for him to take out his tonsils and adenoids. 

So one week later, we went in very early in the morning to get his tonsils out!
He seemed very calm about the whole thing, he "knew" he wouldn't feel it, and it wouldn't take too long.

Even if he was brave...my mama heart was not brave on the inside. 
Seeing my little boy, dressed in a gown...just made him seem so little. I knew it is a common procedure, but he's still my boy!

He did very well. After surgery, when he was just waking up, he looked at me with his post surgery eyes, and said in his very post surgery voice, "I can breathe better." Oh, sweet Christian, it brought tears to my eyes to hear you say that. Praise Jesus that the surgery went well, and it was obviously necessary!

Lots of resting, and encouraging cold drinks for the next SEVERAL (10) days.
Gatorade, jello, chocolate pudding, Danimal yogurt smoothie....repeat. He also got around the clock medicine to help with the soreness.

He really did so well, so brave! And I am so glad he can breathe!!

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