Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Exploration Place

On Wednesday, we went to the Exploration Place together...with a picnic lunch before going in.

 Between Carissa and my memberships to science museum, and a couple of guests passes I had...I think it was $6 or something crazy for the 15 of us to get in! We had quite the crew.

Jace and Noah on the musical teeter totter.

Maddox spent some time in this area...the brain teaser section :)

The big kids had fun playing in the multi-level castle, while Eliana and Jonah played in the little kid area. Then we moved on to the exhibit, which was dinosaurs...some of which sounded and moved as if they were real.

We took turns getting into the "Tornado"!

So many different options to make the water path go...they all liked this.

The airplane area was a hit as well. Various simulators, and the hands on room that had a variety of neat science-y things to explore (there was a man that helped show the demonstrations), and the wooden building sticks. Mom was as bad as a child with the temptation to knock down a GIANT tower someone had built and left. 

Noah loves Baby Eliana...and Baby Eliana loves Noah's glasses :)

Well, that was fun guys!!!!

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