Saturday, July 23, 2016

Airport Restaurant [40 Years Celebration]

With Mom and Dad's 40th anniversary next month, we had a bit of celebrating to do...especially with Carissa & Tim's family here!

Saturday evening, we told Mom and Dad we were going to go somewhere for supper...
and they got to drive this youthful ride (thanks to Mitch). Oh to be young and in love :)

We ate at Stearman's...the little airport restaurant in Benton. It was exceptionally warm..which was not ideal for our reserved outdoor dining. Other than that, the food was good...and the kids had a playground to play on right there while they were waiting and after they were done eating!

Sweaty hair and rosy cheeks...whew, its hot.

Watching the planes take off and come in.

The lovely couple....Happy 40 Years, and many more!

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