Saturday, July 2, 2016

God's at work

We got home very late, or rather early in the morning...and were quite tired. The boys went over to Mom and Dad's for a bit so we could sleep. 
Later on, after supper I noticed one of Noah's lenses was missing from his glasses. He had no idea where it was. We had an all out family search party upstairs and downstairs going on. We had no clue how long they had been like that, other than we knew he had them both this morning. I finally decided to just go over to Mom and Dad's to check there. I walked to the back door, and just glanced over the basketball court, and there he was lying...unscratched! A true miracle all around...Cleo, didn't touch it, it was left just lying there in plain sight, AND the storm that was about it blow in waiting until I found it!!! 

As I was leaving their driveway, the clouds were rolling in, so I took a few pictures.

God is good.

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