Sunday, July 24, 2016

Final 40th Celebration!!

We had one final celebration for Mom and Dad's anniversary Sunday evening.
With just a couple of their friends invited, we had supper and a little evening entertainment that took some pre-planning on Saturday.

The four of us siblings, recreated one of the home videos we had done for them about 25 years ago. I think it was safe to say, it was at least equally entertaining in the remaking of it was to watch it later with everyone.

Watching the video later...
And we also watched a video of their wedding day photos, with the audio (and subtitles) from their wedding in the background. Carissa and I had quite the time deciding what the correct wordage was on the audio. When we listened with BOTH headphones in, instead of thinking we'd each listen to an ear made a HUGE difference!!

We had a tasty supper;
smoked ribs, potato salad, dinner rolls, beans, lettuce salad.

 Sheet cake and a watermelon fruit cake for dessert!

Jonah, Eliana, and Kade were having their own fun...oh they were being so cute.

Ahhhh.....well, I'd say there was some memorable celebrating for their 40th anniversary...and it started back in April with our Mexico trip!! 
Glad we have a reason to celebrate, glad for the both of them, and very glad they have had 40 years together!!
Congratulations Mom and Dad :)

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