Thursday, July 14, 2016

July moments

A rundown of our month so far...

There has been some hot days...definitely worthy of popsicle breaks.

Fun with Grandpa

A typical breakfast for Jonah...yogurt, or cereal with yogurt (instead of milk)

Always welcome a snuggly little boy

 Oh Noah. The excitement of a toad is something I do not understand. It is entertaining to watch you build a sand house for a toad, and then it figures out how to hop out.

Noah's expressions, phrases, logic, and explanation for things has become QUITE amusing. He has a thought for everything.
And especially when he adds in a, "Did you hear me?" or "Do you understand me?"

I took Christian along to a check up for Jonah, and asked him about his snoring and breathing. Our Dr then referred us to an ENT Dr. He was very brave and grown up for his appt. When the Dr looked in his throat he said, "Those are substantial." So 3 seconds later, he was explaining what and when a tonsillectomy would take place.

He was treated with a birthday cake donut for his good job at the check up...
and a consolation treat for needing to have his tonsils and adenoids removed next week!

I treated myself too ;)

This month I signed up to be a Norwex consultant. Not sure what all that will mean, other than I get to use products to clean without using chemicals. I was wanting too many things, so I decided to just sign up and get things for way cheaper/free!

Care for an example of a basic fix....this is BBQ sauce smeared into carpet.
With a wet Envirocloth (the basic Norwex cloth), it came out. 
I'm a fan of the stuff. And I really like it doesn't require chemicals/sprays/inhaling things that make me cough, sneeze, or wheeze!
You can check out the products here ...

How is it already the middle of July!!! We have much yet to do this summer break!

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