Thursday, July 28, 2016

Final family times

Wednesday evening, we all got together for a pizza pool party at Mom and Dad's. 
It was to celebrate Ava's 11th birthday.

The next evening, we had supper at Mom and Dad's again....
this time Frog-More Stew, so good!

It had been a nice day, and then after supper these amazing clouds rolled in.

Followed by a brief rain storm, and a lovely double rainbow!

And Jonah got a belated Christmas present from Tim and Carissa.
It was made by Uncle Tim...and has all kinds of cool things that he is allowed to get his hands on! 
All three of the boys actually thought this was pretty cool.

 The matching three...its hard to miss them..they were bright!

Until next time, Gredlers....we've had a fun time while you were here!

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