Monday, July 4, 2016

July Fourth

We don't go all out for the 4th of July...but its still made fun for the kids (and big kids)!

Uncle Mitch letting Noah light "his" fireworks

Jonah was just a cautious observer...which I was just fine with.

When did this boy get so BIG! Lighting his own fireworks like he knows what he's doing.

All the family came over to Mom and Dad's for supper. I brought a festive cheesecake :)

I love how he is so focused, and his tiny little fingers are trying to pull that string.

They put on QUITE the show. I don't remember it ever being so deluxe and long. Very impressive Dad and Brent.

They are ALL getting big.
It was entertaining to watch them, and hearing their reaction to the firework, announcing the "name"..etc.

 Possibly the most exciting part about the 4th, was that Ben purchased himself a truck. 
Oh my goodness. This has been an ongoing search...that has finally come to an end. He found it on Craigslist, a King Ranch (that has been loved on)...and Mitch went with him to finalize the deal. However, as it has been in the past, it is very helpful that Ben speaks fluent Spanish. There seems to be quite the population of Craigslist sellers that speak spanish only.

 I'm glad he's happy about the truck..I will now refer call him 'The King'.

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