Monday, July 18, 2016

MN Birky reunion

The Birky reunion was held at Tam and Cal's house...which was so nice to have there. 
We left our house VERY early Friday morning, and got in around 2 pm. 

Jonah and Mitch..You don't like carrot debris on your head, Uncle Mitch??

The kids all had fun rolling, riding, running down the hill.

Friday evening, we had a pig roast and then evening entertainment/games provided by Brent and Darren. 

Saturday, after Amish man came and gave buggy rides to the "siblings" and Grandpa. 

We divided into groups and did a scavenger hunt, with the ending being a bear hunt with Margie.

In the afternoon, we went on a hayrack ride (3 racks full is too much for those two poor one rack was horse-drawn and the other two by tractor) through the Stanley and David's field.

We stopped for a game of human foosball.What a set was very entertaining to watch both the players and the spectators. Then, we moved out to the pasture..where some played softball, and the smaller kids went to the church to play on the playground.

Noah was so happy to get a ride in the tractor with Brad.

In the evening, we had some entertaining games...quite entertaining to observe. And then later in the evening, we had time to talk...or play games...or have a Norwex demo (Cal made an excellent assistant!) It was nice to be there and be with family.

Sunday, we had a church service under the tent. It was rainy, but worked out really well with the way it was set up! We had a very tasty home-cooked meal from Davids family for dinner. Then we took some family pictures and that wrapped up the reunion weekend!

Noah and Great Grandpa Birky

Natalia - Camille - Jessica (me)
 Three cousins...having babies, due October/November/January.

The Great-Grandchildren with Grandpa

The Grandchildren

We were glad for the time to get to see family...very special that we can get together.

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