Sunday, July 10, 2016

OK trip

Our good friends, the Yoders live in Oklahoma now. They have for awhile...and we have not all been down to visit them. So sad. So we fixed that. 

These little goobers are about 5 months apart..and they are ornery boys.

Sitting like this..he looks like he wouldn't ever think of getting into anything, or jumping off things. 
Basically, he's a little angel child.

The kids played, while the big boys built a chicken house :)

Big or little, everyone got a popsicle break.

 It rained lightly off and on. Overall, they all got along really well. 
Braxton and Noah in this picture were in the middle of a discussion/argument of who was the "daddy" and who was the "boy".

 I'm so glad we could swing down for a short visit. I miss you dear friend(s)!
Thanks for a good time, Steph.

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