Sunday, November 30, 2014

Outtakes [November]

I don't know what else to call these pictures...
just randomness, but still memorable.

I could have hundreds of pictures of Noah next to Jonah...
he LOVES to be around him.

Baby bed head.

A little late..but his official 2 year old stats.

Note: I don't recommend changing a diaper on the couch, on your lap, wearing a white sweatshirt.

Kinetic sand is a big hit..hats are too.

Hats of all kinds...undie hats!

Christian is his Daddy's child for sure..not only in looks, but in his love to shovel snow!

 Another hat/helmet!

Oh my little boy is getting too big!

Noah will push this toy around for a LONG time outside!

He really does LOVE him.

Christian almost ALWAYS has a snack before bed. This was quite the option..cinnamon roll and carrots.  

Ben's Aunt Faith (and Uncle Tim) gave Jonah this baby quilt. We saw them at Thanksgiving in Topeka.

Ben got me this bracelet for having our three boys. I love it. 

The biggest yawn from the littlest boy.

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