Sunday, June 26, 2016

Michigan Family Trip [Day 3]

We got up and around, it was a dreary morning. The boys and Daddy stayed at the house, while I went to get groceries at the local grocery store (which was surprisingly really nice!!).

After I got back, we went down by the lake to check out the area.
There was a library near the lake, that had a path behind it, and this really pretty bridge that went over the rapids leading into the lake.

Along the beach, they have a playground. The sand is a little wet from the rain last night, but it was still fun to play.

We were the only ones down by the water.
Jonah played with rocks the whole time...Noah and Christian also played with rocks, but they were much bigger. Sand and rocks...that's all they need!

We had packed food for sandwiches, and found this Art Park to stop at nearby. There were sculptures throughout the path. They had picnic tables along the lake, not a very nice beach...but it was still a nice view to overlook the lake among the trees.

We went back to the house to let the boys (or at least Jonah) take a nap before taking on the afternoon.
Ignorantly, we thought it was a good idea to go out in search of a different beach to go swimming at. We went on a lengthy drive around the lake to get to the other side. I enjoyed seeing all the lake homes, my goodness...there were some VERY extravagant homes. We arrived at an area, that appeared to be a beach. It wasn't. There were no swimming areas whatsoever. 

It was a fun little area though. They had a train car that the boys climbed around on before we got back in the car, and headed back to "our beach" in Elk Rapids...where we were this morning. 
Lesson learned, no need to look for better when you have it already.

The water was downright chilly, but Christian and Noah didn't seem to mind. I loved that it was VERY shallow for a long ways out. Jonah stayed on shore, with his pile of rocks...he was good!

I loved just watching. 
They each have their distinct personalities. 

 It was a full day. We made supper each night at our place. There was a kitchen table, but it was small and there was no air circulating in that area. Vacation = letting them eat on the floor in the living room where there was a fan and watch a movie on Netflix.

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