Monday, June 27, 2016

Michigan Family Trip [Day 4]

Monday, we headed to Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, a little over an hour away. 
The biggest sand pile! God made a giant sand pile...that kept going!!

Christian raced Ben up the first BIG hill....and boy he took off..he won easily :)
It wasn't easy to climb!

They were very pleased with just digging! We had brought along a couple plastic shovels, and that was entertainment!!

Christian and I decided to climb a little further.

This was the first of the two mounds we climbed...
we are the teeny, tiny, little people to the left of the cluster of trees in the middle. If you could zoom in, we are waving!

Christian wanted to go to the top of yet one more mound....and I jokingly said, "I don't know!?!" He said, "Come on Mommy!! I know you can do it! We won't give up!" So of course we climbed the next one too. And then RAN down them!!!! The first mini hill was the one on this video clip. I took a slow motion video of the longer hill....and there was no falling involved!

Jonah walked the entire BIG hill down. It was again...not easy.

The boys played in the sand awhile longer, before we left to find a lunch spot.

Across the road, there was a picnic table area that we quick stopped to eat our picnic lunch. 

We then drove up to Glen Arbor. A historical town setting with a really nice beach. Ben, Christian and Noah went to the beach to play while I went for a walk with Jonah in the baby carrier. He fell asleep about 1/4 mi later, so I walked up to the historical Coast Guard home. I walked through an original house that held the crew and saw the original boats/life jackets made from cork. It was really pretty interesting. The train track rails they had that the boats would get set on, to push off into the water to go out on rescue was all intriguing. I'm sure modern day technology and equipment has been a HUGE improvement on how they go about rescuing people.

He was still sleeping when I walked back, so I went into the little village they had set up. A real blacksmith shop was open, they had a volunteer demonstrating how to make things. Again, I found it interesting...I don't know as if the boys would have been that thrilled with all of this...but it worked out that I could see it.

After Jonah woke up, we went down to the beach and played for awhile.

Noah and Christian were both pretty tired by late afternoon. Noah requested Daddy "potato sack" him to get to the car so he didn't have to walk.

After the boys went to bed, I drove to the lake (just a couple blocks away).
So surreal.

We had a good day.

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