Friday, June 24, 2016

Michigan Family Trip [Day 1]

This past spring we decided to pick a spot to go this summer for a family vacation. We decided either Oregon or Michigan, mostly for the weather and scenery. We got on VRBO, found a small place available the end of June, and booked it! 

My super helpful assistant, Jonah, laying on all my things to pack for the trip.

Along the way, we stopped at a place in Hannibal, MO called Big River Train Town. It had a large train set, some of which had controls to adjust their speed, or others you could push a button and a small figurine would do a little something. The boys loved it. The lady that ran the place was a bit odd, but then again, a woman in her 60's running a train museum...I think that's kind of a given.

It was a nice stop to break up the day. We kept driving until Champaign, IL...stopped at a local pizza place, Papa Del's. Really good pizza, but super tired boys...they laid down in the booth the majority of supper. 

We got checked in to the hotel, and soon went to bed! Everyone was pretty tired.

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