Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Michigan Family Trip [Day 6]

The day started off with a first for me....doing laundry at a laundry mat.
I thought there was one right around the block from where we were staying, but come to find out, it was closed down. So I had to drive all over creation to find one! It went fine..grateful for my own appliances at home, I don't think it would be very fun to have to rely on such a place all the time to do laundry.

I got back around 10 or so, and we headed to the beach area. We had collected rocks while we were at the beach in Glen Arbor...and I had brought along we painted rocks outside.

This little fella didn't last too long with the whole painting rocks..he threw them really well...and then he gave up after I kept stopping that idea. He just headed towards the water. He knows he's ornery...little mess (cute little mess that is).

Ben took Christian and Noah to our place to eat lunch and bring some back for Jonah and I. I walked around the downtown area with Jonah. They had some cute shops I wanted to check out. 
After they came back, we hung out on the beach.

Mid afternoon we headed back to our place for naps..and Jonah slept on me for quite a long time. It was truly a gift, he never does this! Ben and I watched one of our favorite shows, Fixer Upper while the lasagna was baking in the oven. What a glorious afternoon!!

After supper, we headed to the downtown area..a couple blocks away. I had overheard some kids talking while I was checking out the stores earlier about some event tonight on the main street. Glad I was a fun! There were booths from the local clubs and churches, food, games, face painting...just an all around good time!

 Noah's didn't even last until we got back home..literally 5 minutes. He was so tired, he was rubbing his face..which then caused him to cry (because he realized it was smeary the paint), and it was a mess! Christian's we thought was a grand idea to let him leave it overnight...**note, don't do that...even if you just paid for it. WASH it off before bed :) But, it was really cool while it lasted!! 

 Another VERY good day. 

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