Saturday, June 25, 2016

Michigan Family Trip [Day 2]

Our morning got off to a delayed start. Yesterday the back tire of our van seemed to be "off", it wasn't flat, but it wasn't right and it was causing a vibration. Ben had called a couple places along the way, but they couldn't work us in. So this morning, we took it to Midas...then walked to the closest breakfast place, Denny's. I couldn't have been more thrilled....not true, but Ben truly was..he loves any breakfast restaurant.

I had to take a picture of that guy with his "saw" cane...I had glanced over there and thought, what is that guy doing with a hand saw on his leg. Nice.

Everything checked out just fine. Apparently, there is a set about of caked on dirt or gunk your tire can allow for...2 oz. We had driven on a really, really wet gravel the night before we left...and they cleaned out 6 oz of gravel, that he said was like cement since it was wet. Anyway, they were super helpful and took care of it for that was VERY nice.

Traffic through the Chicago area was stop and go...but other than that, our travels went fine.
We were all ready to get out by the time we got there.

We ate at the Cone Corral, a pizza and diner/ice cream place just around the corner from we were staying. 

We all were happy to have arrived. It was a small place, but will work just fine!
Christian says so happily, "Our house is TINY!! Where's the basement??" (because we all know basements = toys)

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