Thursday, June 23, 2016

June Everyday-ness

The every-ness that took place in June...

Phil and Diana brought supper, and stayed for the evening. The boys and Grandma H were checking out the HUGE toad that lives under that big hosta plant.

Jonah hasn't given up his desire to climb on anything, anywhere! 

One morning, Noah was eating breakfast and called out to Christian, "Christian, can you get my glaaaass-es??" Christian got up from the couch and while he's getting them, says, "I'll go get them...(pause) even though its not on the menu today!" Then he proceeds to come out like this to give them to Noah.

We found some treasures at the city garage sales....puzzles for Noah was definitely a one of them!

We got to see our new little baby for the first time!! Everything looks good...which is always SUCH a relief to hear.

All three boys had a very up close experience on watching Grandpa and Grandma's sunroom being built. They were all very intrigued with the steps along along the way.

Christian lost his very FIRST tooth while we were eating with Great Grandpa John. He said mid-meal, I think my tooth is ready we got up and went to the bathroom, and he wanted to pull it out himself. The restaurant gave him a very large cup of homemade ice cream to celebrate!!!
Our bathroom demo has begun at our house! The spectators are here...and the main contractor, Ben, has started to gut the whole thing!

We have had some heavy thunderstorms...which I don't mind one bit. The one evening the electricity stayed off for quite some time. The boys were building marshmallow creations, with toothpicks by light of a flashlight. That night, we ended up staying at Grandpa and Grandma's house, as they had electricity!

 We started having some WARMER days...which means popsicle treats to cool off!!

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