Thursday, June 30, 2016

Michigan Family Trip [Day 7]

I made a full breakfast just for fun this was good.

The boys all stopped by a beach in Traverse City along the way to our adventure for the day. While they were there, I got to visit the same laundry mat as before due to a bedding incident in the boy's room last night. After we got that taken care of, we headed on to Leland, otherwise known as "Fishtown". What a unique, fun place!!

Chocolate Covered Sea Foam....a first for me. Unique, like an airy yet crunchy toffee.

It was a perfect day...just beautiful.

It felt like a town from a movie...just a different feel. Houses and stores right there on the water.

I had to take a picture of "Joy".

We came home late afternoon, had supper, and then walked down the street to another lake that was across the street from us.

My favorite boys.

Jonah just REALLY wanted to catch these ducks. They had been up against the shore...not after Jonah came running towards them!

Christian practiced skipping rocks alot this trip. He was SO happy when he got it to skip!

Oh, they are very similar. Ben was teaching him how to find a good skipping rock, and the 'right' angle to throw it at. He's just a good ol' Daddy. (That's what Christian used to call him several years ago!)

Noah was so proud to be able to help find rocks for Christian..."HERE CHRISTIAN!! I found one for you!!!"

They were entertained for quite some time doing this!

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