Sunday, June 12, 2016

Wheat Pictures [2016]

This year's wheat pictures kind of snuck up on me. Saturday after supper, Noah and I went to find "the field" for the year. I had a very genuine, after-supper-its-hot-outside looking 3 year old to take a couple test shots.

We went back home to change our clothes, and bring the rest of the family back. Our photography crew (Mom and Dad) met us there in a bit..and a couple hundred pictures later, we had TWO decent family pictures :) Each child shared responsibility for making this a difficult task, but Noah was definitely Number 1 in that department. 

Several outtakes that were just kind of comical...after the fact.

The ONLY picture where we are all looking and almost all smiling :)

And our three precious, little boys...who had no interest in taking pictures or making it an easy task.
...but we attempted it regardless.

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