Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Bus

 Christian has been looking forward to being able to ride the bus to school. The first week, I took him. The second week, Ben took him when he went into the high school, and then walked with him over to the elementary school. So, riding the bus, actually does make more sense especially since its almost the last stop prior to school!

Yesterday was the first day for the bus. We waited together, then when I asked if he wanted to go meet it by himself, he wanted me to come with. He didn't hesitate a bit when it got to our house.
Oh goodness, for some reason I felt more mixed emotions about this than his first day of school! 

I prayed for you, Christian. That you would be brave and safe (even though you don't have far to go).
It was pretty sweet when I asked how it went, 
you said, "Oh good! So many of the kids asked me to sit with them, so I just picked one."
You are gaining experience and independence everyday my boy...and I am proud of you.

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