Wednesday, September 30, 2015


These boys I have are pretty near and dear to my heart...
these are just a variety of pictures of the brothers in the last couple months.

We got a new bike trailer/jogging stroller...and

At Meet the Swathers...Christian was pretty intent on watching the tennis.

Classic case of the undie hats...comboed with the scarve wrap around the head. Looking real nice boys.

They all three love going to the library.

Noah reee-allly wanted to hold Jonah on this particular morning.
He hasn't done that too much as he's gotten older and more mobile...and it proved to be quite the task!

Oh they are silly. 
Daddy and the boys make a mean smoothie, using all the fruit left from this and that.

They recently all play on the trampoline together...lots and lots of laughter.

They all LOVE LOVE LOVE their Daddy.


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