Sunday, September 13, 2015

Kansas City: Lego fun

We have been planning a fun trip to Kansas City since the beginning of summer..mainly to visit the Lego Discovery Center.

We left after Ben got off work on Friday, and stayed at a Garden Inn outside of KC. We made a very brief run to IKEA..and hour prior to closing time on a Friday night, we had the store practically to ourselves! The hotel was quite nice, Jonah was the only culprit to blame for an unrestful night...but oh well I guess. His little head popping over the pack-n-play to see who was all in the room...and me trying to hide under the covers to make him just lay back down and go to sleep is a memory I won't forget.

In the morning, Christian was p-r-e-t-t-y excited about the breakfast. He said, "WHAT? I love their yogurt here! And I love the muffin, and the bacon...oh, and the apple juice." For not being a food lover, I found it especially funny how he verbalized how good it was. It was pretty good, and you could order whatever you wanted, it was all included. (Mitch is helpful in getting a good hotel experience.)

Ben, Christian, and Noah swam for a bit after breakfast while Jonah took a nap.

Oh, I cannot tell you how excited Christian was the whole way there.
Outside the door of Lego Land. Priceless.

The fun inside...
Ben, Christian, and Noah were all very intrigued. Jonah fell asleep on me, and I observed the Lego madness. There was one ride Christian and I went on,  a designated play area/maze for Christian's age and older, and plenty of Lego building areas to try out. 

He was completely engulfed in creating the cars to test on the mini track.

The room with the replicas of Kansas City sites was pretty amazing. many Legos..and so accurate!

Afterwards, we walked around Crowne Center as they were having a chalk walk of artwork on the sidewalk. A very large red Crayola crayon was walking around, and despite the picture of them looking into the sun, they were giddy excited about standing next to a HUGE crayon.

Then we went to Fritz's...a restaurant where a toy train delivered our food. It was an experience...complete with conductor hats!

 I have to include this one picture of Jonah (quite the facial expression!) to prove he really was along with us. I didn't think his outfit looked overly feminine, but he was called a girl at least a couple times. Hmm, I guess they thought he was beautiful. I'll take it as a compliment.
We walked through the Hallmark Visitors Center...I remember going with my family a VERY LONG time ago (20 years maybe?). They had the same bow making machine...push the button, and it makes a bow that you can stick on the outside of a present. It was free and a short little self-tour that everyone was intrigued by.

We came back home late afternoon. It was a good trip with special memories.

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