Monday, August 31, 2015

Stella...and the other gals

The Greats are doing well...the five of them are still enjoying their little life in our backyard.
Lately they sure have been making quite the ruckus. I think their getting antsy about laying eggs. A week ago, Stella figured it out!! She has laid one egg, everyday since, just after noon she goes into "her" nesting box and makes her deposit. are a chatty one. Thank you for the eggs...tell your relatives to get on the J O B and figure this whole laying business out.

Meanwhile, we let them out nearly everyday for several hours. They like us.
Noah was blowing bubbles to them. And they like Jonah too, he drops his Cheerios when he eats outside...and they LOVE Cheerios.

Christian REALLY likes picking them up and holding them.
Stella and Ardis are his favorite.

Ardis is practically half the size of Noah. He gets so proud when he gets to hold one.

 Christian tries to talk "chicken" to them...'bawk-bawk-bawwwwwwk'

she is so silly, she will follow me around the yard. I think she just wants some attention. Then Ben reached down to pet her, and she sat nestled in for a back rub. Oh Ardis..(the real Ardis might enjoy Ben giving her a back rub too, who knows!?)

Faye, Fannie, and Lois climbed up the tree house stairs. Crazies. Lois turned back around to go down the stairs, but Fannie took the slide, and Faye flew off from the slide. Christian had a pretty good laugh at them. Fannie and Faye (the brown ones) they are something else. I think one of them might be acts real goofy sometimes.

Well, that's the update on the 'greats'. Hopefully soon, the other four will get to laying some eggs. It's pretty fun to go check the boxes, and pick up a treat!

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