Monday, September 21, 2015

Jonah [11 months]

Jonah..goodness, these eleven months have flown by.
My baby, you are growing up so fast.
You are a chill little guy. 
Christian likes to give you a ride in the trailer of the tuffy trike at Grandpa and Grandma's house...and you are happy to oblige.

You are into EVERYTHING. 
Anything left on the floor that is small enough to enter your mouth (obviously), paper, leaves, bug trap..anything! I feel like I am vacuuming and/or sweeping the floor OFTEN.
You can certainly but pretty cute while you discover new things...those little hands, legs, and reeee-aching toes! So cute.

 You have gotten VERY good at climbing, with little to no fear! 
Goodness, you are so proud of yourself.
Sometimes, you don't choose the easiest route, but if it involves take it!

You like to be quite the "helper"...if I try to get a project started, you are very eager to find out a way to be apart of it. Here, you were helping make something for your newest soon to be baby girl cousin!
 You have very grabby hands!

You love to be held, especially while you are teething. A couple of days, I've just used the baby carrier around the house, so I can get a few other things done at the same time. You have four teeth, but it seems as though several others are on the brink of poking through.
You are quite good at playing "catch" with a ball. Your smile when you throw it is so get so proud! I find it especially ironic that you can turn very serious if I try and get a picture of this!

You are so proud to get to play with your big brothers. You are in the beginning stages of 'needing' to keep up with them!

My dear Jonah, here are a few things that are significant for this past month: 
You love to eat meat; chicken, beef, salmon, summer sausage.
You love to sleep with your blue blanket, you bury your head against it when you are tired and snuggle in.
You say mama (mostly when you are tired and/or sad), dada-dada-dada (its up for debate whether its truly because he is talking about Daddy or not), and various mocking sounds...a growl sound that you are very good at copying. You are especially loud in the morning, just jabbering away in your crib...own very own wake up call. 
Your eyes are beginning to change color (I remember Christian's turning around this time too.)..they are now a brownish grey on the inner part, and a hazy blue grey on the outside. I'm guessing they will turn brown like Christian and Daddy.
You are wearing 9-12 month clothing, you just seem to be filling things are getting taller!
I love to smooch your cheeks. 
I love listening to you try to sing when you are sung to. 
I love when you wave goodnight to Daddy and your brothers (you wave much more often when saying 'hi' and 'bye'). 
We ALL love you so much.
Happy Eleven Months, Jonah!

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