Monday, September 21, 2015

Chicken Escape

Noah likes the chickens. 
I don't know as if they have the same feeling back to him. He is fearless of them, and when he decides he wants to pet one, he will chase it around the whole yard until one of them give up or he gets distracted with something else. 
Well, this fine morning, he decided to go "check" on the chickens. No harm in that. Until, he opens up their door...and they are eager to venture around the yard for quite some time! I was planning on being ahead of schedule and get over to my Mom's so we could make applesauce. OVER AN HOUR LATER I AM STILL TRYING TO GET THE STINKIN CHICKENS BACK IN THEIR HOUSE!! I am certain I looked ridiculous...the more I tried, the more they played me. They are not usually that difficult. At one point, I just stopped and recorded, because...well you watch and maybe it will entertain you.

I should add, I ended up calling my MOM to see if she could come help get them back she is the "chicken whisperer" (she can sound just like a chicken)...I won't put that video on here. I love her, and she may not love me sharing that. Anyways, it didn't work. So I had to wait until Christian got out of school at noon, and HE truly does have the touch, along with the watermelon rinds I brought them. Ugh! How ridiculous.

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