Sunday, July 12, 2015

Christian [6 years-part 1]

Christian is turning SIX in August.
He seems so big!
While Carissa and Tim & family were around, we celebrated with the Sweigart family a bit early.

We had hamburgers, hotdogs, pasta salad, carrots (his favorite), finger jello, and chips for supper.
His favorite dessert is I used ice cream sandwiches to make a 'cake'.
It was super messy to serve, but he was a that's good.

We opened presents outside. Christian and Kade needed to look over the new Lego set...he was pretty pumped about getting that started!

We gave him 'flippers' and goggles. He has been asking for flippers since January (for his birthday). Each time asked what he would like...this was it! I was completely shocked when I ran across them at TJ Maxx...and they were his size, so it was meant to be! He was pretty excited to say the least. He walked around the yard with them on, and lucky for him all the cousins spent the night at Mom and Dad's that he even got to try them out in their pool before bed!

Its fun to get to celebrate with everyone here! He gets to draw out his birthday celebrations each year, just because of who is around...which is just an added bonus.

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